Speed Limits

The Department of Transport are the responsible road management authority for all speed limits in Victoria. Traffic engineers and other specialists at the Department of Transport come together to set appropriate speeds, within statutory guidelines. Victorian Speed Zone Guidelines provide a framework to help the Department of Transport make informed, accurate and consistent speed management decisions for Victorian communities.

Rural roads

In rural Victoria, the default speed limit outside of built-up areas is 100 km/h. This default speed limit operates on rural roads where there are no other speed limit signs. Many of the Shire’s rural roads are now signed as 80km/h posted speed limits, which is a safer speed for these road conditions.

Built up areas

The default speed limit for Victoria’s roads in built-up areas is 50 km/h and applies on all roads in suburban areas where there are no speed limit signs displayed. Some of our residential areas have signed 40km/h speed limits. As high pedestrian and cyclist activity occurs in built-up areas, you should consider travelling at a speed well below the maximum speed limit.

School zones

School speed zones are reduced-speed limit 40km/h areas located around schools. They’re designed to keep kids safe by lowering the speed limit closest to the school. Some school speed zones only operate before and after school, while others are all the time.

Commercial activity areas

40 km/h speed limit zones now apply in many of the Shire’s busy commercial areas because of high level pedestrian activity and a crash history involving pedestrians. These limits are clearly marked with speed limit signage and advance warning signs. 

To learn more, download our Speed Limits Fact File(PDF, 208KB) .