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The Shire is excited to support a range of events across the Peninsula by providing resources and tailored advice to event organisers to ensure the delivery of safe, inclusive, and vibrant events. If you plan to hold an event on Shire owned or managed land, you are required to apply for an Event Permit via our booking system 'Bookable'. 

See some of our popular event locations below.

Before booking your space

  • View How to Book an Event in Bookable video below
  • Register as a customer so you can login and manage bookings at any time
  • Once a Permitting Officer has approved your registration, you can proceed to book
  • If you can't find your chosen space, choose 'Other Foreshore or Beach Location’ or ‘Other Park or Open Space (including roads)’ in the Venue or Suburb field
  • If your event is across multiple spaces, choose 'Multi-Spaces' in the Venue or Suburb field
  • Include bump in/out times as part of your total booking time. Happy Booking!

Book Outdoor Space

What outdoor spaces are available for your event?

There are many beautiful parks, foreshores and beaches throughout the Mornington Peninsula that may be suitable for your event. Some of these locations are not governed by the Shire though, instead by different entities, including Parks Victoria and volunteer Committees of Management. Shire Event Permits are only issued for outdoor spaces managed or owned by the Shire. 

To determine whether your chosen space is on Shire land or other, explore the options below:

Parks Victoria

Parks Victoria manage a large portion of back beaches from Portsea to Flinders as well as National Park area. To book a space on Parks Victoria managed land including the below please get in touch with them directly.

  • Bushrangers Bay 
  • Cape Schanck
  • Gunnamatta Beach
  • Point Nepean National Park
  • Portsea Ocean Beach
  • Rye Ocean Beach
  • Sorrento Ocean Beach
  • St Andrews Beach
  • Flinders Ocean Beach

Volunteer Committees of Management

A number of foreshores across the Mornington Peninsula are managed by locally run Volunteer Committees of Management. To book a space on land managed by a committee, please get in touch with them directly: 

Other Shire Spaces and Facilities

To discuss events or weddings at The Briars please contact them directly. Email or call 035950 1221

To discuss events or weddings in Shire Halls please contact them directly. Email or call 035950 1150

To discuss events or wedding on a Sports Ground please contact them directly. Email or call 1300 850 600

Private Land

To discuss events on private land please contact our Planning Department. Email or call 035950 1010

Have you left enough time to apply for an Event Permit?

Before applying, please ensure you are aware of our timelines below.

Low impact events – apply at least 3 months prior to event start date.

Medium impact events – apply at least 3 months prior to event start date.

High impact events – apply at least 6 months prior to event start date.

The impact of your event on the community will change the time needed to review and approve supporting documentation required. Please download our general Event Impact Guide(PDF, 123KB) to understand what your event impact may be. Your event impact (low, medium or high risk) is subject to change after a review of your event details by an Event Permitting Officer.

Please note: Applications submitted more than 12 months prior of the event start date will not be accepted.

What are the fees for an Event Permit?

All fees are inclusive of GST. An additional bond may be required for your event charged at the discretion of the Shire.

Please note: Commercial events are required to pay an additional site fee which will be invoiced 30 days prior to the event start date.

Please note: From 1 July 2024 prices are subject to change.


What documentation will you need to supply?

Depending on your event requirements and chosen event space, you will need to supply supporting documentation before your Event Permit is confirmed such as a site map, risk and emergency plans and others.  You will be prompted to supply these via our booking system ‘Bookable’ when you are ready to book your space.

To help guide you through this process, an Event Permitting Office will be assigned to your event. You can also refer to our guides below at any time:

Ready to apply?

When you hit the button below you will be taken to our booking system ‘Bookable’ where you can view and book Shire outdoor spaces. Before you do, please consider the following:

  • Your booking is not confirmed until you receive your Event Permit
  • Bookings must be submitted at least three months prior for low/medium impact event and six months prior for high impact events. Please refer to ‘Have I left enough time to apply?’
  • You will be required to provide supporting documentation as part of your application.
  • We encourage you to register as a customer in ‘Bookable’ to be able to access your account at any time to upload documentation required. A link will be provided in your initial email.
  • You should familiarise yourself with the Terms and Conditions of an Event Permit

To book your space

Step 1.

View How To Book an Event in Bookable video below to guide you through the booking process.

Step 2.

Click the 'Book Outdoor Space' button below which will take you to our booking system ‘Bookable’. If you can't find your chosen space, choose 'Other' in the Venue or Suburb field. If your event is across multiple spaces, choose 'Multi-Space'.

Book Outdoor Space


Events Permitting Team

Phone: 1300 850 600

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