Construction Management Plan (CMP)

As a condition of your permit for subdivision or development works, the Mornington Peninsula Shire may require that a Construction Management Plan (CMP) be submitted for endorsement to the Development Engineering Department prior to the commencement of works.

These plans were formerly referred to as Environmental Management Plan (EMP), or Construction & Environmental Management Plan (CEMP).

A CMP will show what the contractor must do during construction to protect the environment and to minimise disruption to the local community.

Some areas that may need to be addressed in a CMP include:

  • Project personnel contact information
  • Public safety and site security
  • Site amenities
  • Construction hours
  • Noise control
  • Air and dust management
  • Stormwater and sediment control
  • Waste management
  • Traffic management (see our Traffic Management Plans webpage for detailed requirements) 
  • Special access arrangements

Download: Construction Management Plan Frequently Asked Questions(PDF, 123KB)

Submitting CMPs

The CMP will only be reviewed after your:

Depending on your site, the proposed works, and the surrounding conditions, your planning permit will require either a ‘Major’ or ‘Minor’ CMP to be submitted to council for endorsement.

The CMP Kit is designed to help you prepare a site-specific CMP to mitigate impacts on infrastructure, environment and amenity of the surrounding area during your works.

Your CMP will outline issues of concern for the site, their level of risk, and what control measures you will take to reduce these risks.

CMPs must be submitted on the Shire’s template with the completed checklist (located in the CMP Guides), in electronic format via email to

When an applicant/consultant/contractor requires minor amendments to a previously approved Construction Management Plan, Council will charge a minimum amendment fee of $132.00.


Download: Construction Management Plan guide (Minor)(PDF)(PDF, 7MB)

Download: Construction Management Plan guide (Major)(PDF)(PDF, 2MB)


The Minor CMP Template consists of one plan. This plan shows the locations of controls on the site and provide boxes for narrative for each specific element.

Download: Minor CMP Template(DOCX, 253KB)(DOCX, 105KB)

Download: Minor CMP Template(PDF, 88KB)(PDF, 217KB)

The Major CMP Template consists of two plans:

• Plan 1 will show the locations of controls on the site and provide boxes for narrative.
• Plan 2 will show the designs of the controls that will be used on the site.

Download: Major CMP Template(DOCX, 504KB)(DOCX, 48KB)

Download: Major CMP Template(PDF, 173KB)(PDF, 199KB)

When completed and endorsed, these plans are to be kept on site during the works.

All individuals working on the site are to be made aware of the CMP and their responsibilities under this plan. 

Do I need any other Permits or Approvals?

It is a requirement of the Shire’s Community Amenity Local Law 2022, Division 2, Clause 71 and 72, to obtain a permit to undertake works on a road or Council land and a requirement of the Road Management Act 2004 to obtain written consent of the coordinating road authority to conduct any works in, on, under or over a road. 

Permits required may include:

  • Vehicle Crossing
  • Road Opening/Drainage connections works
  • Occupy Road/Council land
  • Hoarding
  • Tree removal/Landscaping

To expedite this process and avoid the need to apply for separate permits, we now issue a Minor/Major Development Works permit.

As part of the review of the CMP, we will identify works on Council land or roads requiring permit/s and contact you to apply for the permit and pay the required fee.

The Permit fee is determined by the size of the development works:

  • Minor Works fee is $900.00
  • Major Works fee is $1,289.00

Note:  the Asset and Amenity Protection Permit remains a separate permit application