Tenant Waste Vouchers

Waste vouchers are now available for residents who are tenants on the Mornington Peninsula. All residents are now entitled to four waste vouchers per property, per year.   

Property owners and owner occupiers receive their waste vouchers via their rates notice, however tenants can use the new Resident Services web app, by following the steps below.

Residents of the following associations are advised to contact the association directly to access waste vouchers:

  • Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH)
  • Common Equity Housing (CEHL)
  • Defence Housing Australia (DHA)
  • Housing Choices Australia
  • Women's Property Initiatives 

Please note, the service is not available to residents of retirement and lifestyle villages or caravan parks.

How to apply for tenant waste vouchers

  1. Go to the Resident Services web app and register as a new user.
  2. Create an account and select your real estate agent or landlord if in a private rental agreement. We advise you alert your property manager that they will be receiving an email to verify your application. Tenants of privately managed properties require a current rental agreement in order to be eligible for the service.
  3.  Once your property number is verified you can access your vouchers in the app.
  4. Present your vouchers at one of our three Resource Recovery Centres to dispose of your waste.

Apply for your voucher here 

Tenant vouchers expire 1 year from the date downloaded.

Make the most of your vouchers

Save time and money by sorting your load. Group the same materials together and separate recyclables from non-recyclables so gatehouse staff can easily identify the ‘no charge’ items. Hidden ‘no charge’ recyclables will incur waste disposal costs.

There are several items that are free to dispose so use the table on your tenant waste voucher to see them.  You can also find them on the Fees and Charges publication of our Resource Recovery centres. 

Excess household recycling is also free to dispose of at our Resource Recovery Centres. Find out what you can and can’t recycle here: mornpen.vic.gov.au/recycling

No Charge Green Waste Events

We hold several no-charge green waste events throughout the year, where residents can dispose of green waste at our Resource Recovery Centres for free.

Visit our webpage to find upcoming dates - mornpen.vic.gov.au/greenwaste

Detox Your Home

Hazardous waste should NEVER be placed in your kerbside bins because it can start fires!

Use the Detox your Home events to dispose of hazardous waste such as toxic household chemicals, pool chemicals and pesticides. See our webpage for a full list of items accepted at these events, and find out what should NEVER be put in landfill - mornpen.vic.gov.au/hazardouswaste

Other hazardous waste is accepted free at our Resource Recovery Centres, use the Fees and Charges publication on this page or the handy table on your waste voucher.

Booked hard waste collection

If transporting your waste is a challenge, your vouchers can be used to book a hard waste collection from your nature strip. Volume restrictions apply.

Items that are free to dispose of at our Resource Recovery Centres are NOT free through the booked hard waste service. mornpen.vic.gov.au/bookedwaste