Footpaths and the Pedestrian Access Strategy

We’re responsible for maintaining and constructing footpaths across the Mornington Peninsula. 

Pedestrian Access Strategy

Each year, we get a significant number of community requests for new footpaths. Our efforts to maintain and construct new footpaths are guided by our 2019 Pedestrian Access Strategy. The Strategy aims to create a safe, accessible, and connected pedestrian network and is guided by State Government directives on pedestrian network planning, land use planning and transport planning.

To view the Strategy visit: Pedestrian Access Strategy(PDF, 3MB).

Help shape our future footpath strategy!

With more than 125 footpaths in need of construction, we’ve reviewed and updated our existing Pedestrian Access Strategy to help ensure that new footpaths are prioritised where they are needed most. You can review and provide feedback on our Draft Pedestrian Access Strategy 2023, including our new evaluation method and a ranked list of footpaths for construction priority, via our website. Hurry, community consultation closes on 5 November 2023.

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The Principal Pedestrian Network

The Principal Pedestrian Network

The Principal Pedestrian Network (PPN) is a mapped network of integrated and connected routes encouraging pedestrian movement.

It supports safe and accessible travel into and around key destinations.

The PPN has identified a network of streets throughout the Peninsula where new footpaths are needed and where existing footpaths form part of the network.

How do we prioritise footpaths?

All paths identified on the PPN are evaluated against a Prioritisation Matrix using the following factors to decide construction priority:

  • Network Priority: what function does this footpath play within the network?
  • Pedestrian Demand: is there a significant number of residents already using this route? Have there been a significant number of requests made for a new footpath already?
  • Road Safety: are the current conditions creating a hazardous environment for pedestrians?
  • Topography: how does the immediate environment affect people's ability to walk?

Additional information on the prioritisation matrix can be found in the Pedestrian Access Strategy, with more information on how footpaths are scored below:

Principa Pedestrian Network.png

Upcoming high priority footpaths

Currently, there are 129 footpaths identified under the PPN which have been given a priority ranking. The 20 highest priority footpaths are detailed below.

The Pedestrian Access Strategy guides the Shire in proposing the highest priority footpaths for funding through the annual capital works budget bid process and external funding opportunities. However, the order of footpath construction is dependent on funding availability which can be influenced by a number of factors.  

Nepean Highway Shared Path, Mornington to Mount Eliza
Rank: 1

3km shared path running alongside the Nepean Highway from Mornington Secondary College to Volitans Avenue. This path will provide an active transport link between the townships of Mornington and Mount Eliza and provide important connections to several schools and the Bungower Road shopping centre.

Nepean Highway, Dromana

Rank: 2

Footpath providing a safe pedestrian crossing at the Ponderosa Place/Country Club Drive/Nepean Highway intersection and connecting the Dromana Holiday Village into the pedestrian network. This path will provide safe access to shops and the greater Dromana area for several retirement homes and the holiday village. This project is awaiting progression from the Department of Transport on intersection improvements.  

Canadian Bay Road, Mount Eliza
Rank: 3

Footpath connecting Mount Eliza shops to Canadian Bay Beach. This path will provide an important pedestrian connection to the Mount Eliza shops and link in Howard Parker Reserve to the pedestrian network.

Camp Hill Road Stage 2, Somers
Rank: 4

Stage 2 will complete the footpath to provide a key connection for the Somers township to the Western Port Bay Trail, creating a vital inter-township link which will be enhanced in the near future as the Peninsula trail project evolves.

Wimborne Avenue/Wimbledon Avenue, Mount Eliza
Rank: 4

Wimborne Avenue/Wimbledon Avenue footpath will provide an important pedestrian connection for the Mount Eliza preschool to the pedestrian network. This footpath will enhance pedestrian connectivity to the Mount Eliza shops and John Butler Reserve.

Watson Road, Mount Martha
Rank: 5

This footpath will provide much needed pedestrian connections to the Mount Martha preschool, Mount Martha bowls club and the Mount Martha Shops.

First Avenue, Rosebud
Rank: 6

This footpath will extend the current footpath along First Avenue to Eastbourne Avenue. This will provide important pedestrian connections to the Olympic Park Recreation Reserve and Our Lady of Fatima Primary as well as to the Rosebud Commercial Centre and Rosebud Plaza.

Hotham Road/Melbourne Road, Sorrento
Rank: 7

This footpath will provide an all-access pedestrian connection to the Sorrento township as well as several destinations along Hotham Road. This path will create greater pedestrian access for a significant number of homes within walking distance of Ocean Beach Road.

Strachans Road, Mornington
Rank: 7

Footpath project providing a pedestrian connection from Nepean Highway through to the Esplanade. Provides important links to bus stops and childcare centres.

Alma/Field Street Stage 2, Rye
Rank: 8

This footpath will create an important east-west connection in the pedestrian network in Rye and Tootgarook. Will provide a significant number of houses with connections to Truemans Road Recreation reserve, Tootgarook Wetlands and the Rye commercial strip.

Baden Powell Drive, Mount Eliza
Rank: 8

Baden Powell Drive footpath will serve as an important connector within the Mount Eliza pedestrian network. The footpath will connect a significant number of houses to the network and provide greater access to the Sweetwater Creek Nature Reserve, Baden Powell Preschool, Woodleigh School and Mount Eliza North Primary,

Glenisla Drive, Mount Martha
Rank: 8

This footpath creates a much-needed safe pathway for residents in the area to access Mount Martha Primary School. The road is currently without a footpath and has little space due to geographical and environmental space to accommodate walkers. This footpath will provide an all-access route from Dominion Road to the school.

Disney Street, Crib Point
Rank: 9

Disney Street will serve as an important east-west connection for Crib Point and will provide universal access to the shops on Stony Point Road, Morradoo station and bus stops.

Civic Court, Balnarring
Rank: 9

This footpath provides important connections to the Balnarring Primary school, linking in existing facilities and creating a direct route between Balnarring Village, skate park, Balnarring Preschool and Balnarring Primary School.

Hughes Road, Blairgowrie
Rank: 9

This footpath, running between Koonya General Store and Koonya Beach, provides an important pedestrian connection to Koonya Beach and Coppins Track while enhancing connectivity to the Koonya General Store and surrounding area.

Charles Street Dromana
Rank: 9

Charles Street will serve as an important east-west connection for Dromana, filling in an existing missing link in the current network. The footpath will provide greater connectivity to the Dromana Recreational Reserve, Dromana Tennis Club, Dromana Community Garden and for local residents to access facilities on Point Nepean Road.

Mount Eliza Way, Mount Eliza
Rank: 9

This project will create a universally accessible pathway from the Nepean Highway to the eastern send of the Mount Eliza shops. The pathway will enhance connectivity to the shopping centre and provide a much-needed connection from Baden Powell Drive through to the shops.

Broadway, Capel Sound
Rank: 10

This footpath project will help to connect residents to bus stops along Broadway and will serve as an important east-west connection for Capel Sound and Tootgarook. This footpath will also help to increase connectivity to the Tootgarook wetlands and other green space in the area.

The Crescent, Tyabb
Rank: 10

This footpath will extend the current pedestrian network to incorporate key connections to the retirement village and Padua College, as well as improving access for growth areas around Tyabb to existing facilities such as Tyabb commercial district and Tyabb Railway Station Primary School.

Park Lane, Somerville
Rank: 11

This project will complete recent pedestrian improvements to Park Lane and Worwung Avenue. The footpath will enhance universal access to Somerville Rise Primary School, Somerville Secondary, Tillerkite Preschool and Saint Brendan’s Primary.


What if I want to request a footpath not on the PPN?

If your street or road has not been identified on this list, it is unlikely to be constructed by the Shire through the Pedestrian Access Strategy.

New footpath requests falling outside the PPN are considered to be funded via a special charge scheme, where property owners deemed to gain a special benefit from the works are required to contribute towards the cost of the project. Additional information on special charge schemes can be found here: Special Charge Schemes.

What if I want to report a footpath maintenance issue?

If you have spotted an issue with maintenance and upkeep of a footpath, please report the problem via our Report a Problem webpage.

Recent and Current Footpath Construction Projects

Martin Street/Crib Point Schools Project

In 2022, we completed works on the Crib Point Schools Footpath Project involving the construction of new footpaths on Martin Street and Colin Parade. The project has increased pedestrian connectivity in Crib Point and made it easier for residents to reach Crib Point Primary School and St Josephs Catholic Primary School.

Camp Hill Road, Somers (Stage 1)

In 2022, we completed stage 1 works of the Camp Hill Road footpath project. Stage 1 involved construction of a new footpath from south of Tasman Road through to R.W. Stone Reserve. The project is making it easier for residents of Somers to walk to Somers Primary School, R.W. Stone Reserve and the Somers foreshore area.

Alma/Field Street (Stage 1)

Construction of the Alma/Field Street footpath project is ongoing in 2022. Stage 1 of the project is nearing completion and involves almost 1km of footpath from Weeroona Street to Marshall Street. Stage 2 will involve a further 1.5km of footpath to extend the pathway through to Truemans Road.  

Missing Links Program

We continue to fund an ongoing Missing Links program identifying and constructing short missing sections of pathway in the current network. Council has acquired funding through the Department of Transport’s Flexible Local Transport Solutions program to construct 3 missing links in 2023 at Tanti Avenue, Craigie Road and at the intersection of the Nepean Highway and First Avenue, Rosebud. These are expected to be completed in the first half of 2023.