Hoardings & Overhead Protection

Doing work in commercial areas or in close proximity to large numbers of people? To protect people, safety measures need to be in place. 

A permit is required to erect a hoarding or overhead protective awning over street alignment.  

Please review the site assessment and application process (detailed below) before applying.

The permit application must be submitted by the person responsible for the construction site.  

The prescribed fee for a permit to erect a hoarding is $376.00. Please allow 10 business days for your application to be processed.


Site Assessment

Project Planning

 Factors you must consider when planning your project are:

  • Project management plan for demolition activities and construction of the proposed development.  
  • Location of site sheds and amenities.  
  • Location of materials and waste storage.
  • Location of crossings and construction ramps.  
  • Location of services, service hatches, manholes and hydrants.  
  • Dust, noise and dirt control.  
  • Site security

Public Protection Measures

The purpose of a permit to erect a hoarding is to ensure that adequate measure are employed to protect the public from activities that are occurring on, around and above the worksite.

These measures may consist of:

  • Erection of side protection measures such as timber hoardings or protective barriers around the construction site.
  • Erection of overhead protection measures such as overhead gantries or awnings above a pedestrian zone.  
  • Establishing specific protected hoisting zones to safely deliver materials to the site.  
  • Temporarily closing part of a road or footpath.  
  • Erecting adequate signage to warn the public.  
  • Preparing and implementing a traffic management plan to appropriately manage vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the vicinity of the site.

The minimum public protection measure for undertaking building works within a commercial area or in close proximity to large numbers of people is a timber hoarding of closely boarded timber as illustrated in Mornington Peninsula Shire standard drawing number MP814 which can be accessed in the section Civil Engineering Standard Drawings

Factors that should be considered in planning development works in commercial areas are listed below.

Maintaining Safe Pedestrian Thoroughfare

For maintaining safe pedestrian thoroughfare the following must be taken into account:

  • Width of existing footpath and extent of hoarding intrusion required.  
  • Maintaining a trafficable 1.5 metre width for pedestrians.  
  • Access for all – allowing for wheelchairs, prams and the sight impaired.  
  • Obstructions such as street furniture, trees and landscaping.  
  • Slipping and tripping hazards.  
  • Access to bus stops and other facilities.  
  • Appropriate signage, lighting and barriers as required to clearly delineate the pedestrian route.  
  • Establishing pedestrian detours if required.

Protection of Pedestrians

For the protection of pedestrians you must ensure:

  • Nature and extent of public protection required relevant to the planned works and proximity to pedestrians.  
  • Duration of protection required.  
  • Structural strength and stability of temporary structures.  
  • Catch platforms or safety nets to trap falling debris for multi storey construction.  
  • Waterproofing of overhead decks.  
  • Involvement of Building Practitioners in protection works.

Traffic Management & Safety

Factors you must ensure prior to works:

  • Traffic Management Plan (TMP).  
  • Hours of site operation, material delivery times and frequency of deliveries.
  • Maintaining site distances and visibility to traffic control facilities and pedestrian crossings.

Neighbouring Properties and Businesses

  • Minimising obstructions to access and visibility.  
  • Minimising effect of works on amenity.
  • Communicating and negotiating with other business owners.

Permit Application process

Application Information Requirements

To assist in assessing applications, the applicant must submit supporting documentation to demonstrate that adequate public protection measures will be erected to protect the public from the effects of the works planned.

Information that must be submitted includes:

Site plan indicating:

  • Location of all existing features including footpath, kerb and roadway details, service utility assets and fire hydrants, drainage pits, trees, street furniture, and bus stops.  
  • Details of proposed building works. 
  • Location of proposed temporary public protection measures.  
  • Location of proposed construction site access.  
  • Architectural and/or structural plans including sections and a street elevation to a scale of 1:100 including all necessary dimensions.  
  • Duration of temporary public protection work.
  • Purpose and details of temporary hoarding and public protection measures.

For Works requiring a Building Permit, a letter from a building surveyor consenting to the proposed method of public protection / precautions that are to be erected over the street alignment.

Once an application form has been lodged with the Shire and the prescribed fee paid, a Shire Officer will respond to the application by means of issuing a permit along with any accompanying information or conditions.

Further Information

Shire Officers may require further information as necessary to consider the permit application or as a condition of issuing the permit.

This may include any or all of the following:

  • A deposit or bank guarantee as required for the purpose of maintenance or removal of the structures if required for public safety and amenity, and reinstatement of any damage to Council’s assets.  
  • Certification by an appropriately qualified registered building practitioner in an approved form that the structure complies with these design requirements and any relevant Australian Standards.  
  • Evidence of public liability insurance of not less than $20,000,000 and completion of an indemnity in favour of the Shire.  
  • Periodic monitoring by means of level survey of footpath and ground stability if adjacent excavations are in excess of 3.0 metres deep.



For more information on permits to erect hoardings please contact Customer Service on: 1300 850 600 or by email customerservice@mornpen.vic.gov.au