Digital Data Submissions for Infrastructure Assets

The Mornington Peninsula Shire is a member of A-SPEC.

A-SPEC is a specification for the supply of digital data relating to infrastructure assets that is commonly used by local and state government authorities. A-SPEC is a collection of specifications that address different infrastructure types, including:

  • B-spec building assets
  • D-spec drainage infrastructure
  • O-spec public open space and recreational assets
  • R-spec assets within the road reserve
  • S-spec sewerage/wastewater infrastructure
  • T-spec optical fibre/telecommunication assets
  • W-spec water supply infrastructure

The Shire accepts D-spec submissions for drainage infrastructure and the required submission format is ESRI Shapefile. D-spec outlines the specifications for the delivery of digital data relating to drainage assets, such as pipes, pits, property connections and Water Sensitive Urban Design Elements (WSUD).

The Shire does not currently require submission for any other A-SPEC specifications.

For more information on A-SPEC specifications or submitting digital data relating to drainage infrastructure (D-Spec), see the A-SPEC website.