Planning Scheme Reviews

Legislative Requirement

Council is required to formally review the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme every four years. Monitoring, auditing and reporting of the Scheme’s performance is a mandatory requirement under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme

The Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme commenced on 6 May 1999 – two years after the amalgamation of the Flinders, Hastings and Mornington Shires. The range and detail of the Scheme’s provisions reflect a notable history of planning initiatives at local, regional and state level of the past half century that were devised to respond to the diverse issues and values of the Peninsula at the time.

The Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme is often characterised as one of the most expansive and comprehensive in the State. The thoroughness of the Scheme is largely the result of the Peninsula’s diverse planning issues, regional context, and legacy as a ‘special place’ which has been formally recognised by successive state and local governments.