The on-going debate surrounding the current metropolitan classification of the Mornington Peninsula is a complex issue for Council, which has required careful consideration. Rather than push to be reclassified as a regional council with the risks that entails, we are simply asking for access to both metropolitan and regional funding programs, where they are relevant to challenges and opportunities on the Mornington Peninsula – a ‘Peri-Regional’ approach.

Yarra Ranges Shire Council has also joined with us to advocate for Peri-Regional status. Council’s Peri-Regional approach aims to achieve better recognition from the Victorian Government of the unique mix of urban and rural characteristics across the Mornington Peninsula, including the needs of growing populations in our townships and to support the agricultural and tourism sectors in our rural Green Wedge.

A Peri-Regional Peninsula would benefit from more appropriate regional funding sources, while maintaining access to important metropolitan funding streams and planning protections. Our Peri-Regional principles capture community sentiment and address the key questions asked by community members, during our Citizens Panel event, held on 1 June 2022.




  • Our significant Green Wedge Zone land controls are highly valued by the community.
  • Becoming classified as regional could remove or significantly risk current GWZ protections.
  • Unlike regional classification, Peri-Regional status would not change existing planning schemes.
  • Potential regional alternative planning zones would not provide the same ability for council to protect the long-term values of the Green Wedge, including development restrictions/land use.


  • Retaining our metropolitan classification will maintain GWZ planning protections.
  • Continue to support our urban needs e.g. the Peninsula has benefitted from over $26M Growing Suburbs Fund (GSF) investment over the last 7 years.
  • Support the ongoing need for better services and facilities, in line with metropolitan standards.


  • Joint letter sent to State Government advocating our peri-regional case.
  • Requests no changes, just acknowledgement of a new status, so we can gain accessto regional funding for specific local sectors.
  • Seeking regional classification would require the State Government of the day, tointroduce specific provisions to maintain current planning controls.
  • Parliamentary support would also be required to gain changes = uncertain and highrisk for our GWZ.

Precedent and Partnership

  • Six regional councils successfully advocated for recognition of their urban challenges,gaining Peri-Urban status and access to the metropolitan GSF program.
  • No precedent for full-scale removal of metro to regional classification.
  • Pursuing Peri-Regional status was formally adopted by Council on 22 March 2022 and is supported by all Yarra Ranges Shire councillors.
  • Both councils committed to approach and funded external research report.
  • Together the councils will advocate to the State Government that a new status is needed.


  • As a metropolitan council we cannot effectively deliver regional objectives withoutappropriate access to regional funding programs.
  • BUT, many regional funding aims, such as promoting major population growth in rural townships, don’t fit with the Peninsula.
  • Gain access to specific funding from Regional Victoria programs.
  • Enable and unlock the full economic potential of our agricultural, tourism and cultural sectors, to benefit local and State economies.