Future Changes to Waste Services

As part of the Victorian Government’s Recycling Victoria: A New Economy policy and plan, we're working towards meeting all the specified requirements.

Separate glass collection service

The State Government requires the provision of a separate glass collection service by 2027 for all Victorian households.

  • The Shire has not yet set a date for the introduction of a separate glass service. We are waiting until the Container Deposit Scheme is introduced (in November 2023) to understand how this may impact glass recycling, before considering possible timelines and options.
  • At this stage, only a few councils have begun glass collection trials. We'll be working closely with these councils, reviewing trial results and learnings to determine the best option for our community.
  • We'll keep you updated on this process. In the meantime, glass bottles and jars can continue to be placed in the yellow (or blue) lidded recycling bin (with lids on).

Bin lid colours and accepted items

The State Government is creating a standardised system for recycling and waste — the aim is for all households to recycle and sort waste the same way, no matter where you live.

This includes standardised bin lid colours:

  • General waste with red bin lids
  • Combined recycling; paper, metal and plastic recycling with yellow bin lids
  • Food and garden organics with lime green bin lids
  • Separate glass recycling with purple bin lids

For our community this means we will be changing from blue recycling bin lids and dark green rubbish bin lids to:

Yellow = Recycling Bin
Red = Rubbish Bin

There will be no change to the food and garden organics bin.

Lime Green = Food and Garden Organics

The Shire has commenced this transition to new bin lid colours and is practicing a gradual approach with damaged or new bins being issued in the new colours to begin with. This means that while we transition to the new standardised bin lids your bin lid colour may be different to your neighbours.

The State Government is also developing standard lists of what is accepted in each bin — so recycling and waste sorting will be the same no matter where you live. When this list is released later in 2023 we will ensure we communicate this with our community and update our Waste and Recycling Disposal Guide accordingly.

For now, there are no changes to what can go in each bin.

Soft plastics cannot be recycled in yellow recycling bins. Please place in the general waste bin.

Soft Plastics

  • Soft plastics cannot be accepted in your recycling bin.
  • With RedCycle no longer operating collection points at your local supermarket please dispose of soft plastics in your general waste bin.
  • At this stage, a small number of councils have begun soft plastic collection trials. We'll be working closely with these councils, reviewing trial results and learnings to determine the best option for our community.
  • The State Government is also developing a standard list of what is accepted in each bin, under consideration is the inclusion of soft plastics in the recycling stream.
  • We'll keep you updated on any changes. In the meantime, do not place soft plastics in your recycling bin.
  • Please keep your recyclables loose, not in bags.

2023-24 Waste Services updates

At the 30 May 2023 Council Meeting, Councillors voted in favour of the following updates to residential waste services:

  • An increase from three to four tip/waste vouchers per household. These will be included with the 2023-24 annual Rates Notice
  • An increase in the number of no charge green waste events from two per year to four per year
  • No charge for Mornington Peninsula residents/rate payers for the disposal of fridges, tyres and mattresses
  • Access to waste vouchers for tenants. At this stage tenants will likely be able to access vouchers from early October 2023
  • An increase in the number of household chemical collection days from one per year to two per year
  • An increase to the number of 'clean teams' working in our public spaces who carry out a range of services including litter collection, vendor engagement and infrastructure cleaning 
  • Increased compliance action for illegal dumping, which will include additional surveillance (such as CCTV) in known hotspots during peak periods.

* Standard charges will continue to apply for commercial and non-residential / rate paying customers.
* Limits will apply for all no-charge items, and only domestic quantities of eligible items will be accepted.