Illegal Rubbish Dumping

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Illegal Rubbish Dumping refers to the dumping of large items of rubbish on public land such as roadsides, bushland and coastal reserves and parks or private land without authorization. Rubbish dumping is a criminal offence and can incur heavy penalties.

Illegal dumping is hurting the community and the environment.

The Shire has placed large mobile CCTV and covert cameras around the Peninsula. Signs, fences, gates and bollards has been installed to prevent people from accessing reserves. We also regularly monitor known dumping locations.

The Shire needs your help to prevent dumping and catch dumpers, Dob in Dumpers.

How to report illegal dumpers

Report  dumped waste by calling 1300 850 600 or by our online request service 

Report a problem

What information will help identifying dumpers?

  • Location of dumped waste
  • Date and time you saw the rubbish being dumped
  • What was dumped
  • Any identifying details such as vehicle type and colour, vehicle registration and the offender
  • Photos

How can i dispose of my hard rubbish?

Visit the Resource Recovery Centre to dispose of bulky waste.

View the Waste Disposal Guide to find out what items can be freely disposed at the Resource Recovery Centres

Book a hard waste collection service