The Shire has 145 playgrounds around the peninsula with a variety of play experiences and equipment to suit all ages and abilities. Our Playground Guide provides details on the location and features of each playground including information about toilets, seating, picnic tables, barbecue and drinking water facilities and any off-leash dog areas.

 Download: The Playgrounds Guide(PDF, 4MB)

What's new

Mornington Park Playground Upgrade, Mornington completed.

Outdoor Chess

Mornington Peninsula Shire has installed a large outdoor chess board and a table tennis facility on the old helipad at the Hastings foreshore. They are located beside Pelican Park Recreation Centre and the Hastings playground.

Outdoor Fitness Stations
Six new outdoor fitness stations have been installed along the walking/cycling track at Hastings foreshore.

Recent playground upgrades

A number of playground improvements have recently taken place throughout the Shire, some of which include:

  • George A Bishop Reserve, Dromana Pier – Two new social play elements 
  • Hastings Recreation Reserve, Hastings – Playground replacement      
  • Tom Salt Park, Rosebud – Three new unique social play elements   
  • Dromana Recreation Reserve – Playground replacement      
  • Railway Reserve, Crib Point – New double swing   

New playground for dromana

Pier Street, Dromana      MEL REF 159 J6

The Shire replaced the playground at Dromana Recreation Reserve in December 2013. Intended for local children and families visiting the recreation reserve, the equipment caters for a wide range of age groups, from toddlers to teenagers.  The position of this playground provides natural shade and also offers seating for the comfort of children, adults and carers.

An easy access rubber entrance to the equipment allows people with limited mobility the opportunity to enter the play space without restriction.

Some unique play elements have been included to this playground which include:

  • An Orbit Hemisphere, Talking Tubes
  • Rotating Concord and Jitterbug Twin Rocker

Featured playgrounds:

Rye community-built playground

Point Nepean Road, Rye     MEL REF 168 F4

Visit the new district playground located on the Rye foreshore.  More than 700 volunteers pitched in to help build the Rye’s Up community playground during ‘The Build’ project. Skilled and unskilled volunteers assisted with painting, construction, concreting, childcare and mulching to build the playground situated on Rye Foreshore. The playground project was part of the Shire’s innovative Community Capital initiative, where Shire Officers assist community groups to construct or upgrade community infrastructure.

Balnarring village reserve

3025 Frankston Flinders Road, Balnarring     MEL REF 193 D5

This fully fenced district playground in the centre of Balnarring is a favourite destination for many local and visiting children. With the popular social play ‘basket swing’ and ‘flying saucer’ included in the play space, children of varying abilities and ages can enjoy the fun of this playground.

Mount arthur reserve, Capel Sound

Mount Arthur Avenue, Capel Sound  (Rosebud West)  MEL REF 170 H6

The Shire has constructed a new local playground in Capel Sound, catering for children of varying ages. Further facilities will be included early 2014, such as stage one of a path system for better access, seating for children, parents and carers, and additional planting for natural shade.                

Future playground improvements:

  • Colchester Park, Somerville -  New basketball/netball ring 
  • Deanswood Reserve, Somerville - New basketball/netball ring 
  • Garden Square, Somers – New basketball ring  
  • Peter Sheldemere Reserve, Portsea -  Replacement  to be installed shortly
  • Mechanics Institute Reserve, Balnarring – Replacement  to be installed shortly
  • Flinders Park, Flinders – Replacement   (2014-15)

Playground for brim brim wetlands

The Shire has constructed a new playground at Brim Brim Wetlands. The playground will be located adjacent to Samantha Drive in Mornington. The playground is intended for use by local families and will cater for a wide range of age groups. We aim to provide a range of elements at neighbourhood playgrounds. These include:

- Swings fitted with one toddler seat and one strap seat or safety seat
- Low-key agility items such as a horizontal ladder, turnover bar, parallel bars or similar.
- One item that offers some alternative kind of movement such as rocking/rotating.
- An elevated structure that has at least one safe access, such as a stair, for young children to access a slide

Featured playground: mccrae lighthouse playground

McCrae Lighthouse Playground, Point Nepean Road, McCrae
• Playground is adjacent to the iconic lighthouse, and within easy access of the beach
• Surrounding features include: walking/cycle path, toilet block, BBQ’s, car park, picnic benches, seats, and natural shade from nearby trees
• The main focal point of the playground is a circular (10 sided) climbing structure which has a mini lighthouse, climbing options include a mini rock wall, scramble net chain, and regular stairs with hand rails
• A three metre slide comes off the structure, which also includes other minor features for young children such as a wave mirror, crawl hole, play binoculars, clock panel, abacus and musical chimes
• Playground also features a double swing, double turnover bar, parallel bars, wobble walk, ringed bridge and single rocker
• Playground largely suitable for 2/3 – 10 year olds

Featured playground: dromana park playground

Dromana Park Playground, Cnr Codrington & Permien Streets, Dromana
• Playground is adjacent to Tourist Information Centre, Point Nepean Rd
• Surrounding features include: an outdoor table tennis table (bats/balls available from Tourist Information Centre) toilet’s, BBQ’s, parking bays, picnic benches, drinking water tap and some shade from nearby trees
• The main focal point of the playground is a climbing structure in the shape of a ship; climbing options include a mini rock wall, a corkscrew climber, a rung chain climber, a cargo net and regular climbing rungs
• A 1.5 metre spiral slide comes off the structure, which also includes other minor features for young children such as play binoculars, shop counter, O’s and X’s and steering wheel
• Other playground equipment includes a double swing, a Malibu surf style rocker and upright spinner
• Playground largely suitable for 2/3 – 10 year olds 

Featured playground: mt martha eco park

Mt Martha Eco Park, Glenisa Drive, Mt Martha
• Playground is opposite Mt Martha Primary school, the students contributed significantly to the large animal mural which is at the entrance to the park
• The park is largely constructed of recycled materials and has varied play spaces and equipment that will suit a large range of abilities, ages and skill levels
• Features other than play activities include: a network of paths lined with rocks, trees and seats and a car park
• Main focus of the park is a large wooden structure which provides a maze of walkways, tunnels and steps and climbing features such as a mini rock wall, fireman's pole and climbing net, and several other activities for younger children
• The structure also has two slides; a junior slide for small children and a larger, curved enclosed slide
• Other playground equipment includes a gliding fox, ringed bridge, monkey bars, toadstool steps, a double swing, rockers, a shop counter and various musical activities
• Playground suitable for 2/3 – 12 year olds

Featured playground: vern wright reserve

Vern Wright Reserve Playground, Shearwater Place, Capel Sound
• Playground is located within a spacious reserve, near the Rosebud West Community Hall
• Surrounding features include: shelter, BBQs, picnic benches, seats, walking track and a leash-free dog area
• Playground includes play sculptures, mini gardens, trees and other plantings, a lawn mound or rolling hill, drink fountain, boulder seating circle, open cubby, island shelter, island hideout, a sand stream, all connected by a network, of paths, decking and bridges
• Features include: a birds nest swing, carousel, wheelchair accessible play boat, junior/intermediate upper body circuit, cable climbing nets, a double swing, and a 1.6 metre slide
• Playground suitable for 2/3 – 12 year olds
• Near the West Rosebud Bowls Club and the West Rosebud-Tootgarook Tennis Club, the grassed area is not used for sport.

Featured playground: sorrento park, point nepean road

• Playground is located within very spacious surroundings overlooking Port Philip Bay
• Sorrento Park is a community built playground; panels around the outside of the play area feature names of some of the volunteers who helped to build the playground
• Surrounding features include: a network of walking/cycle path, toilet block, BBQ’s, car parks, picnic benches, seats, a large rotunda, outdoor table tennis table, informative signage, water tap and lots of natural shade from nearby trees
• The main focus of the play area is a large wooden ‘fantasy’ structure that resembles a castle promoting imaginative play
• The main structure has a maze of tunnels, gangways and steps and play elements such as two sand pits, a fireman's pole, a ticket purchasing counter, nautically themed play elements, chimes, abacus, ringed bridge, gliding fox, chin up bar, balancing ropes, climbing net, four slides (ranging from one for toddlers to a three metre wave slide)
• The play area also includes three double swings and a single swing
• Playground suitable for 2/3 – 12 year olds

Play peninsula: park improvements

Over 30 playgrounds have been refurbished with new equipment since the Shire’s Playground Strategy was implemented in 2008.

The condition and safety of our playgrounds is important. If you wish to report damage to equipment please contact us on 1300 850 600 or 5950 1000.

Master plans

The Shire has developed Long Term Master Plans for a number of significant reserves (parks). These provide a snapshot of the future plans for the reserves, which will be rolled out over a ten to fifteen year period. View the plans on our Strategies & Policies or our section Parks & Reserves.