McCrae Foreshore Reserve Playground


McCrae Lighthouse Playground is located on Point Nepean Road, McCrae on the foreshore.

The playground is adjacent to the iconic Mc Crae lighthouse, and within easy access of the beach.

Surrounding features include: walking/cycle path, toilet block, BBQ’s, car park, picnic benches, seats, and natural shade from nearby trees

The main focal point of the playground is a circular (10 sided) climbing structure which has a mini lighthouse, climbing options include a mini rock wall, scramble net chain, and regular stairs with hand rails

A three metre slide comes off the structure, which also includes other minor features for young children such as a wave mirror, crawl hole, play binoculars, clock panel, abacus and musical chimes

The playground also features a double swing, double turnover bar, parallel bars, wobble walk, ringed bridge and single rocker

Playground largely suitable for 2/3 – 10 year olds.



669 Point Nepean Road, McCrae 3938  View Map

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