Planning Scheme Amendments

Planning schemes set out policies and provisions for use, development and protection of land. Each local government area in Victoria is covered by a planning scheme.

Amendments to the Scheme

From time to time, changes to the scheme are proposed to either reflect new circumstances or improve the scheme. The Minister for Planning, the council or an applicant can instigate an amendment.

What changes to the Planning Scheme are likely to be supported?

Council is only likely to support an amendment request where it can be demonstrated that the proposed change will either address an anomaly or will better support the Shire’s strategic planning objectives, as expressed in the Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS).

It is not sufficient to argue that a change will produce a benefit to an individual landowner, or will not have any immediate impact. For example, subdividing a single lot in a rural area is unlikely to have an immediate impact, but if applied to all land would completely change the character of the Peninsula.

Please see the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) for information about Changing the Planning Scheme The process for an amendment to the scheme is outlined in the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Current Amendment proposals, including the status of their processing, can be viewed below. All other past Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme Amendments can be viewed at Amendments Online

Visit the LANDATA website

Amendments in progress

The details of all planning scheme amendments that are in progress may be viewed below or on the DELWP website. 

Hard copies are available to view during the exhibition period at the Shire Offices.


Making a Submission

You can make a submission to a Planning Scheme Amendment through any of the following methods and return it to the Shire within the exhibition period by email or post:

  • Write your own submission – electronic or hand written submissions are accepted. 
  • Download and complete the submission form available on the relevant Planning Scheme Amendment webpage
  • Email your submission to or post to Mornington Peninsula Shire, Private Bag 1000, Rosebud, Vic. 3939.

To find out the exhibition dates for each amendment refer to each individual Planning Scheme Amendment listed above or contact Planning Services on 5950 1467.

Amendments recently approved

To view Planning Scheme Amendments recently approved by the Minister for Planning visit Planning Schemes Online section of the DELWP website.