Planning Scheme Amendments

From time to time, changes are made to a planning scheme. These changes are called ‘amendments’ and may be introduced to respond to changes in an area, implement the recommendations or vision of an adopted plan or strategy, incorporate a new Council policy, or improve how the scheme operates.

Requesting a planning scheme amendment

Making a planning scheme amendment is a process to change the law. Therefore, an amendment can only be prepared and initiated by a planning authority, which is any minister or agency that has been authorised by the Minister for Planning. For the Mornington Peninsula Shire, the planning authority generally is Council or the Minister for Planning. Learn more about requesting a planning scheme amendment and the required process.

Current Planning Scheme Amendments


Planning Scheme Amendments awaiting Authorisation

C270morn - Rezoning SUZ2 Land outside the UGB to the GWZ3


Planning Scheme Amendment C270morn proposes protect the Mornington Peninsula Green Wedge from inappropriate development and correct anomalies in the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme by:

  • rezoning land at Sites 1 to 7 from the Special Use Zone Schedule 2 (SUZ2) to the Green Wedge Zone Schedule 3 (GWZ3);

  • rezoning land at Site 8 from the SUZ2 to the Public Conservation and Resource Zone (PCRZ); and

  • deleting the following from the Schedule to Clause 51.02 (Metropolitan Green Wedge Land: Core Planning Provisions):

    • SUZ2, Monash / Mount Eliza Business School, Kunyung Road, Mount Eliza

    • SUZ2, Sport & Recreation Victoria State Sailing Centre (Camp Manyung) Sunnyside Road, Mornington

    • SUZ2, Padua Catholic College, Oakbank Road, Mornington

    • SUZ2, Mentone Grammar School, southwest corner Marine Parade and Nelson Street, Shoreham

The Amendment applies to:

  • Site 1: 60-70 Kunyung Road, Mount Eliza (former Melbourne Business School, Mount Eliza Campus);

  • Site 2: the area known as ‘Sunnyside Beach Off Sunnyside Road Mount Eliza’;

  • Site 3: 50A McGregor Avenue, Mount Martha;

  • Site 4: 60 Hearn Road, Mount Martha;

  • Site 5: 19 Tallis Drive, Mornington (Mornington Golf Course);

  • Site 6: 46 London Bridge Road, Portsea (Portsea Golf Club);

  • Site 7: 35 Sunnyside Road, Mount Eliza (Manyung Recreation Camp);

  • Site 8: Point Nepean National Park, 3875 Point Nepean Road;

  • Site 9: Mentone Grammar camp - 74-76 Marine Parade, Shoreham; and

  • Site 10: Padua College, 62 Oakbank Road, Mornington.

Amendment Documentation

All supporting documentation in relation to Planning Scheme Amendment C270morn will be available for public inspection, free of charge, once the Minister for Planning authorises Council to prepare and exhibit the Amendment. Nonetheless, you can view the endorsed documentation via the minutes and associated attachments to the following Council meeting:

Next Steps

Once authorisation by the Minister for Planning is received, preparations for the Amendment will commence. The Amendment will be placed on exhibition for public inspection during which you will be able to make a formal submission.

Further Information

Phone: (03) 5950 1003



Completed amendments

An amendment is finished when the Minister for Planning or relevant planning authority has made a final decision.

All completed amendments can be viewed here.

State Planning Scheme Amendments

From time to time, changes are introduced to the Victoria Planning Provisions (VPP) – the complete set of planning provisions that can be used to construct a planning scheme. Where a provision in the VPP is changed, all planning schemes across Victoria that contain that provision are also changed. Known as ‘VC’ or ‘V’ amendments, only the Minister for Planning can make changes to the VPP. VPP changes relevant to the Mornington Peninsula are found here.

Sometimes, amendments can be approved by the Minister that affect a group of planning schemes in Victoria. Known as ‘GC’ amendments, they are designed to address a planning scheme issue that affects more than one local government area.  All ‘GC’ amendments relevant to the Mornington Peninsula can be found here.