Planning Scheme Amendments

From time to time, changes are made to a planning scheme. These changes are called ‘amendments’ and may be introduced to respond to changes in an area, implement the recommendations or vision of an adopted plan or strategy, incorporate a new Council policy, or improve how the scheme operates.

Requesting a planning scheme amendment

Making a planning scheme amendment is a process to change the law. Therefore, an amendment can only be prepared and initiated by a planning authority, which is any minister or agency that has been authorised by the Minister for Planning. For the Mornington Peninsula Shire, the planning authority generally is Council or the Minister for Planning. 

Anyone can ask Council to undertake a planning scheme amendment. That includes a private land owner, consultant or group of people. You don’t need to complete an application form to request a planning scheme amendment. Instead, we recommend that you contact us to discuss any potential amendment before applying. 

It is important to note that Council is only likely to support an amendment request when it can be demonstrated that the proposed change will either address an anomaly or better support the Shire's strategic planning objectives as expressed in the Municipal Planning Statement. 

A planning scheme amendment must be accompanied by the prescribed amendment fees. It is important to note that the amendment process requires fees to be paid at key milestones.

Read more about amendment fees prescribed by the Planning and Environment (Fees) Regulations 2016.

Amendments in progress


Completed amendments

An amendment is finished when the Minister for Planning or relevant planning authority has made a final decision.

Click here to view all finished amendments.