Emergency Volunteering

The summer season in Victoria signals the time of year when bush fires are more likely to occur and impact heavily on communities. At other times of the year violent storms and flooding may impact adversely on communities and on our ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.   

While only trained volunteer members of an emergency services organisation are called on to respond to an immediate emergency situation, you can still help the people most greatly affected to recover and rebuild their lives – by volunteering to lend a hand in post emergency clean-up and recovery projects.

Find out more about volunteering in emergency recovery Your details may be passed on to coordinating agencies, who will contact people who are registered as volunteers when emergency recovery help is required.

To gain the experience, training and essential skills required to respond to emergency situations, find out how you can become and emergency service volunteer

However you choose to be involved in supporting affected communities, know that your efforts are valued and your contribution will make a difference to another person’s life.


New All-Emergencies Website:

If you are concerned about a current emergency including fire, flood, storms or traffic incidents, tune in to 774 ABC radio, SkyNews or check the VicEmergency website latest  emergency information.   

This website also has information about planning and preparing for an emergency situation as well as relief and recovery after an emergency.