About Volunteering

Volunteering can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. It benefits both you and your community.

Many people actively volunteer in many informal ways such as 'helping out' or 'taking part' in their community. Formal volunteering is essentially about giving your time, skills and experience to a service provided by a not-for-profit organisation on an agreed basis. 

It’s good to get the facts about your rights and responsibilities before you start volunteering. You can visit the Volunteering Victoria website to find out more about your rights as a volunteer - see below.

How can I volunteer?

There are many ways you can volunteer in your community including:

  • Organising the activities of clubs and interests groups
  • Supporting social and environmental causes
  • Helping neighbours, parishes and schools
  • Delivering meals to others
  • Working on Committees of Management or Advisory Groups
  • Hosting community meals and festivities
  • Helping provide services for people experiencing disadvantage

Your volunteering role can also benefit you in many and varied ways, including:

  • using your existing skills and being part of a team
  • developing or practicing new skills
  • access to training, including nationally recognised certificates
  • meeting new people, making new friends and a new social network
  • a route to employment – gaining workplace skills and experience
  • recognition for doing valuable work in your community
  • improving your overall health, wellbeing and happiness

Where can I find a Volunteer role?

The most effective way of finding a volunteer role is word of mouth. Ask your friends and family, your church or community centre if they know of groups or organisations that engage volunteers. You can also look for organisations you might like to volunteer with in community directories, newspaper stories, radio or television ads, social media or local noticeboards. You can also check out what volunteer opportunities are available on the Shire's Volunteering Mornington Peninsula page.

National Volunteering Week Virtual Par-Tea 2021

Did you miss the live stream of our Volunteering Celebration on Wednesday 19 May 2021? You can watch it below any time!