Civil Engineering Standard Drawings

1. Overview

The Mornington Peninsula Shire Civil Engineering Standard Drawings may be viewed on this site or downloaded. All the drawings are AutoCAD drawings and are published on this site in Adobe PDF format. These files can be opened, viewed and printed by anyone with Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later.

There are over 90 standard drawings and printing all of these could take some time. The Shire does not provide copies of the standard drawings with contract documentation. It will be a contractor's responsibility to obtain and maintain up-to-date copies of the standard drawings.

The Civil Engineering Standard Drawings will be updated from time to time as required, without prior notice. A history of the updates including the date of the revision and the drawing number(s) of those drawings revised will be maintained on this site. It will be the responsibility of interested parties to regularly check this update history and download any revised standard drawings to keep their master copies of these documents current.

The Shire will not be responsible for any loss or penalty incurred by any party who has failed to maintain up to date copies of these documents.

4. Drainage

MP201 Side Entry Pit - Type 1 (Barrier Kerb)(PDF, 208KB)
MP202 Lintel for Side Entry Pit - Type 1 (Barrier Kerb)(PDF, 112KB)
MP203 Side Entry Pit - Type 2 (Rollover Kerb)(PDF, 245KB)
MP205 Lintel for Side Entry Pit - Type 2 (Rollover Kerb)(PDF, 150KB)
MP207 Fluted Entry Details for Side Entry Pits Type 1 & 2(PDF, 166KB)
MP208 Kerb Outlet to Table Drain with Rock Beaching(PDF, 101KB)
MP211 Junction Pit(PDF, 177KB)
MP212 Easement Pit(PDF, 286KB)
MP213-1 Corbelled Junction Pit(PDF, 126KB)
MP213-2 Corbelled Junction Pit(PDF, 122KB)
MP214 Main Drain Pit for Pipes 900mmØ and above(PDF, 79KB)
MP215 Catch Pit 900 x 600 for Table Drains(PDF, 135KB)
MP216 Grating Pit under Rollover Kerb & Channel(PDF, 228KB)
MP217 Bicycle Proof, Lockable Grate for Pit under Rollover Kerb & Channel(PDF, 200KB)

MP218 Pit Dimension Table and Pipe Bedding Detail(PDF, 200KB)
MP219 Pit Step Irons(PDF, 172KB)
MP220 Installation of Gatic Covers and Grating Units for Pits(PDF, 90KB)
MP221-1 Standard Soakage Pit (Sheet 1 of 2)(PDF, 345KB) (Not for Residential Use)
MP221-2 Standard Soakage Pit (Sheet 2 of 2)(PDF, 372KB) (Not for Residential Use)
MP221-1-Micro-Model-1 (Sheet 1 of 2)(PDF, 214KB)
MP221-1-Micro-Model-2 (Sheet 2 of 2)(PDF, 219KB)
MP222 Light Duty Steel Grate & Frame for Standard Soakage Pit(PDF, 137KB)
MP223 Bicycle Proof, Medium Duty, Hinged Grate for 900 x 900 Pit(PDF, 187KB)
MP224 Bicycle Proof, Hinged, Lockable Grate in a 900 Open Invert for 600 x 600 Pit(PDF, 154KB)
MP225 Bicycle Proof, Hinged, Lockable Grate in a 900 Open Invert for 900 x 600 Pit(PDF, 185KB)
MP226 Anchor Blocks for Storm Water Drains(PDF, 97KB)
MP227 Subsoil Drainage Pipe Location(PDF, 170KB)
MP228-1 Grated Pit For Footpath Spoon Drain (Sheet 1 of 2)(PDF, 138KB)
MP228-2 Grated Pit For Footpath Spoon Drain (Sheet 2 of 2)(PDF, 162KB)
MP229-1 Pipe Grille for Pit Opening Greater than 900 x 900 (Sheet 1 of 2)(PDF, 169KB)
MP229-2 Pipe Grille for Pit Opening Greater than 900 x 900 (Sheet 2 of 2)(PDF, 164KB)
MP230 Pipe Grille For Pit Opening 900 x 600(PDF, 175KB)
MP231 Frame and Lid Detail For Side Entry Pits (Type 1 and Type 2)(PDF, 159KB)
MP232 Frame and Lid Detail For 900 x 600 Easement and Junction Pits(PDF, 117KB)
MP233 Frame Detail for Double Pit (Single Throat)(PDF, 127KB)
MP234-1 Double Type 1 Side Entry Pit with Single Throat (Barrier Kerb) (Sheet 1 of 2)(PDF, 98KB)
MP234-2 Double Type 1 Side Entry Pit With Single Throat (Barrier Kerb) (Sheet 2 of 2)(PDF, 150KB)
MP235 Pipe Grille Single Hinged Opening For Pits upto 900 x 1200(PDF, 226KB)
MP236 Frame & Lid Detail for 600 x 600 Easement and Junction Pits(PDF, 139KB)
MP237 Main Drain Transition Section(PDF, 87KB)
MP238 Elevated, Hinged, Lockable Grate for Pit Opening 900 x 600(PDF, 192KB)
MP239 Driveable Endwall SD 1991 and Rock Beaching Detail(PDF, 397KB)
MP240 Subsoil Drainage Trench(PDF, 148KB)
MP241 Grated open invert pit for new vehicle crossings over existing rollover side entry pits(PDF, 180KB)
MP242 Grates open invert pit for new vehicle crossing over existing barrier side entry pits(PDF, 206KB)
MP243 Vehicle crossings in bluestone kerb and channel(PDF, 185KB)
MP244-1 Orifice Pit - Pit and lid details(PDF, 244KB)
MP244-2 Orifice Pit - Trash grate details(PDF, 143KB)
MP245 Rainwater Tank with stormwater retention(PDF, 103KB)