Heritage Overlay and Planning Permits

The Heritage Overlay is a planning control that can be applied to properties or precincts that are determined to have heritage significance.  The purpose of the Heritage Overlay is to protect places of aesthetic, social or historical importance.

The inclusion of properties in the Heritage Overlay helps to make sure that new development does not negatively impact on the heritage significance of the place or precinct.

To check if your property is listed in the Heritage Overlay refer to the Schedule to the Heritage Overlay in the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme - see the following link  Schedule to Clause 43.01 Heritage Overlay

If your property has a Heritage Overlay, a planning permit will normally be required to undertake works to that property.

A planning permit is required to:

  • subdivide or consolidate land
  • demolish or remove a building (including part of a building)
  • construct a building (including part of a building, or a fence)
  • externally alter a building
  • construct or carry out works
  • construct or display a sign
  • externally paint an unpainted surface

In most cases a planning permit is not required to undertake internal alterations. However, in a small number of cases a planning permit is required to undertake internal alterations, therefore you are advised to check with the Planning Services Team on 5950 1010 to see if this control applies.

In some instances, other controls over external painting and tree controls may also apply.  The schedule to the heritage overlay will identify whether these additional controls apply to your property.

Owners of a heritage place are strongly advised to speak to our Heritage Planner before lodging an application.

Contact:    Heritage Planner 5950 1949 or Email: heritage@mornpen.vic.gov.au

For information about the steps in the planning permit application process refer to the following webpage :


Also contact our Planning Services team on 5950 1010 for advice about planning permit applications and other planning controls that may apply to your property.