Combined rates for adjoining properties

The provisions of the Valuation of Land Act 1960 specify that all Victorian Councils are required to separately rate each part of a property that is capable of separate occupancy, which results in you receiving more than one rate notice for a single property.

You may not realise that we are also able to combine multiple titles onto one rate notice where the titles are occupied by the same person. This is known as contiguous rating.

Having your properties rated together is a financial benefit as you will only be charged one Waste Service Charge.

In some circumstances combining multiple titles onto one rate notice can change the rating category, resulting in further savings e.g. when residential vacant land is combined with an adjoining residential dwelling the rate notice will be levied at the General Rate. The rate in the dollar for General Rate is currently 20 per cent less than the Vacant Land Rate.

Properties can be abutting or may be separated by a public purpose reserve or open space, street, road, lane, footway, court, railway, thoroughfare or travelling route.

For further information or general advice of contiguous rating, please contact our Valuation team on 5950 1090 or 

How do I apply for contiguous rating?

Complete and submit the Contiguous Rating Application Form(PDF, 140KB) or contact our Valuation Team on 5950 1090. Applications will be assessed in accordance with the provisions of the Valuation of Land Act 1960.

Note:  Our policy is to regularly review all contiguously rated properties. Should you sell one or all of your properties the contiguous rating will be cancelled.