Integrated Water Management

The Mornington Peninsula is unique in its catchment hydrology, its vegetation types and supports the greatest length of coastline than any other local government in Victoria. With over 140,000 residents, over 30 unique townships, 46 Environmental Vegetation Classes, 8,000 businesses' and a world renowned tourism market, the Mornington Peninsula supports a huge diversity of land uses and services.

As the population across the Peninsula grows, demand on the supply of urban water increases, ecological impacts on local waterways worsen and additional pressures impact on the liveability of our neighbourhoods.

To ensure that the Mornington Peninsula Shire and its community continue to provide a leading role within water resource management across the State, the Shire has developed a comprehensive vision and targets for the Peninsula based on the Peninsula's Water Balance.


Our Integrated Water Management Plan

An integrated approach to water management  has emerged through the recognition that our water demands, water supply and water quality are not in balance. Traditional water supply strategies, stormwater management plans and ground water management strategies are losing significance when considered in isolation. Integrated Water Management recognises that projects deliver multiple benefits across water security, protection of receiving waters, ecosystem services, social/political engagement, microclimate benefits, improved liveability and community well being.

For more information regarding our integrated water management approach and targets see Integrated Water Management Plan(PDF, 7MB)


 Our Water - Mornington Peninsula's Water Balance

By detailing the water balance for the Peninsula the Shire can work towards an approach that minimizes the import and export of water resources across boundaries by maximizing the use of available stormwater, rainwater and recycled water (treated wastewater) resources. See the diagram below for the water cycle for the whole of the Peninsula.

 water_balance - published version-page-001.jpg


Our Water Partners

To assist in achieving the water goals for the Peninsula we partner with local community groups and residents as well as other government and non-government organisations, for example: