Integrated Water Management

Vision: To work together in water planning and management for a liveable, resilient and thriving community and environment on the Mornington Peninsula

The Mornington Peninsula boasts an enviable lifestyle, with 70 per cent Green Wedge land, as well as 192 kilometres of coastline along Port Philip and Western Port. Water and land management plays a critical role in enhancing the liveability of this region and boost the resilience of the community, environment, and the economy in the face of climate change and population growth.

The Integrated Water Management (IWM) Plan is a holistic and collaborative approach to water management. It breaks down the silos in each element of the water cycle (drinking water, wastewater, recycled water, stormwater, and groundwater) bringing together the Shire, collaborative partners and communities in overcoming current and future water and land use challenges. IWM contributes to achieving water security, public and environmental health as well as improved urban amenity.

The recent update on the Shire’s Integrated Water Management Plan 2021 is identified as a major initiative in our Council Plan 2021, as part of our commitment to climate change mitigation and adaptation. Multiple external stakeholders are involved in developing this plan including Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Water Authorities (Melbourne Water, South East Water, Southern Rural Water) and the community.

This Plan will help position the Shire to adapt to global trends and challenges in water management and ensure that the Peninsula region is thriving, healthy and resilient.

For more information regarding our integrated water management targets and action plan, see Integrated Water Management Plan 2021(PDF, 7MB).

To learn how Integrated Water Management can help all Victorians, watch the following video by DELWP / Clearwater.

Watch Integrated Water Management video

Our Water Future - Mornington Peninsula's Water Balance

The water balance below shows the inflow and outflow of water across the catchment boundary of the Mornington Peninsula. A water and pollutant balance informs us of the current and future state of our water resources as well as stormwater pollutant loads. This can be used to inform opportunities to maximise alternative sources of water (recycled treated wastewater, stormwater, rainwater). 



Our Water Partners

Mornington Peninsula Shire is part of the Dandenong and Westernport IWM Forum which brings together multiple organisations to collaboratively plan and manage water cycle to deliver better economic, environmental, and community outcomes for the catchments.

To assist in achieving the water goals for the Peninsula we partner with the community, water corporations, EPA Victoria, local governments and other agencies, Traditional owners and DELWP.