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Every day Council makes decisions that affect our community. We represent you and work to deliver on the things you tell us are important.

To achieve the goals of our community, we actively work with and strive to influence all levels of government and a range of other organisations.

One of the ways we do this is by seeking financial support or policy change to deliver local projects.

Council delivers many services to our community, but when it comes to our more ambitious projects, we need the support of Victorian and Commonwealth governments.

Based on what you have told us during our many community consultation sessions, Council has decided to  focus on three projects, over the next year:

  • a new Performing Arts Centre in Hastings
  • Recycled Water Infrastructure upgrades, to support our agriculture sector and ensure our farmers can grow food all year round
  • Rezone surplus land at the Port of Hastings to develop plans for housing, new industry, agriculture and environmental protection

In addition to these three projects, Council will continue to advocate for our other priorities, as these are projects we know will deliver real benefits and improve the quality of life for everyone on the Peninsula.   

Download: Advocacy Strategy 2022(PDF, 2MB)

Our advocacy projects

We will pursue our priorities with Members of Parliament, Ministers, council alliances such as the South East Councils Climate Change Alliance (SECCCA) and other representatives of the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments.

Please help our campaign by contacting your local political candidates to express your support for any or all of the projects below.

Download: Community Advocacy Information Brochure(PDF, 1MB)


Key challenges for the Mornington Peninsula

There are many challenges facing our Mornington Peninsula region and community, these include:

  • significant population growth expected by 2036 – and with more people than ever able to work from home, there will likely be more people moving to the Peninsula
  • 8.5 million visitors each year to our region and a large permanent and non-permanent resident population
  • the impacts of climate change are expected to exacerbate in the future placing further pressure on our communities, economy and environment.
  • ensuring infrastructure supports the place we live, work, study and visit
  • the need to provide additional homes and services while protecting what we all love about the Peninsula – trees, open spaces, beaches, hinterland, a unique agricultural mix and a sense of community
  • health and social issues, including gender equality and housing affordability, that continue to impact our community, where there are areas of social and economic disadvantage alongside significant wealth.

During the drafting of our Community Vision, the Citizen’s Panel considered a range of research and demographic information. Further information on the key challenges for the Mornington Peninsula can be found in the Citizens Panel Background Reading report.

Latest news

Contact your State and Federal members

Chris Crewther, State member for Mornington

0480 383 143

Paul Mercurio, State member for Hastings

0493 456 448

Sam Groth, State member for Nepean

0413 836 797

Peta Murphy, Federal member for Dunkley

03 9781 2333

Zoe McKenzie, Federal member for Flinders

03 5977 9082



Our Pledge Tracker


In the lead up to the Victorian election, we are keeping track of all candidates' election pledges for the Mornington Peninsula.

The purpose of the tracker is to monitor election funding pledges made by Victorian candidates for the Mornington Peninsula.

For the pledges to be included, they must:

  • Be new election commitments (not reannouncements of money already funded by the government)
  • Be accompanied by a media release or link to a candidate’s webpage/social media account
  • Be sufficiently detailed so that we can ascertain what is being funded
  • Have an associated funding amount

The tracker is not designed to publish or endorse state-wide party policies where a specific pledge is not identified for a Mornington Peninsula electorate.

Please note: all pledges are conditional and depend on the outcome of the election and future party budgets. The Shire has published these pledges in good faith, based on the formal commitments made by election candidates.

Note, pledges that align with the Shire's priority projects will include an *

Download: Nepean Electorate Priority Project List 
Download: Mornington Electorate Priority List 
Download: Hastings Electorate Priority List

See our Federal election pledge trackers: