Future Workplace project

We are planning for the future of our organisation by looking at how best to accommodate our changing workforce and improve customer experience.

Our investigations have found the best model for the future is one consolidated main office (rather than the current three offices) with smaller satellite offices spread throughout the Shire.

This Future Workplace will:

  • Improve our ability to serve our community
  • Ensure the Shire continues to attract and retain highly skilled staff
  • Be affordable and sustainable
  • Create opportunities and positive economic impact

We will soon be asking for community feedback on how we can improve service delivery, customer support and connection, and design inviting facilities that enhance customer experience.

Why is it needed?

Ageing and unsafe office infrastructure, rising costs to maintain multiple workplaces, and a focus on improving access to services and customer experience prompted us to look at our future workplace needs.

We have found that a consolidated workplace will help improve the delivery of services to our community, while reducing costs and supporting our commitment to more environmentally sustainable practices.

What are the benefits?

A consolidated workplace with satellite offices will:

  • Improve service delivery
  • Improve customer service and our ability to support the community
  • Enable greater connection with our communities across the 44 villages and towns
  • Increase collaboration and connection within the organisation
  • Support organisational flexibility
  • Reduce costs from duplication and maintaining multiple offices
  • Reduce construction costs and building footprint (one major building)
  • Increase sustainability through a minimised infrastructure footprint
  • Resolve access, safety and non-compliance issues within current office spaces
  • Allow greater flexibility to explore options for all Shire-owned land and assets.

Will you construct a new building or upgrade an existing office (Rosebud, Mornington or Hastings)?

While we know what the high-level future model looks like, we don’t yet know exactly where the consolidated office will be or what that facility will look like.

Identifying the best location for the new main office and satellite offices is currently underway, with options due to be presented to Council in late 2023.

What are the next steps?

Expert advice on a proposed operating model, preferred office locations and improved customer service is being prepared and will be presented to Council in late 2023.

Once these major decisions have been made, a further 12 months of detailed planning is expected to take place before concept development and design work begins.

The Future Workplace project will explore the use of Council-owned land and facilities and commercial funding opportunities and partnerships to achieve a cost neutral delivery, where possible.

Recommended tiered model

Tier 1 office - Main office

  • Customer Service
  • Council Chamber
  • Collaboration spaces
  • Meeting spaces
  • Workstations
  • Potential community / commercial co-location

Tier 2 office - Major satellite

  • Customer Service
  • Meeting spaces
  • Limited workstations
  • Community facilities / spaces (e.g. Library)

Tier 3 office - Minor satellite

  • Meeting spaces
  • Limited or no workstations
  • Community facilities / spaces (e.g. Community Hubs, Halls)

Tier 4 office - Remote working

  • Home office

More information

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Future Workplace project
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