Place Naming

The Shire as a Naming Authority under the Naming Rules is responsible for place names across the Peninsula with the exception of public spaces that are not owned or managed by the Shire such as Crown Land.

The naming process is governed by our Place Naming Policy and allows us to recognise the history and cultural significance of an area or to honour the contributions of a person or group.

The Naming Rules

The Naming Rules for places in Victoria 2022 uphold the guidelines in the Geographic Place Names Act 1998.  They are mandatory for naming authorities in Victoria and provide a strong basis for standardised and clear naming procedures across the state. 

Making a Naming Proposal

Community members are welcome to submit naming proposals directly to the Shire’s Governance Services Team.  All proposals including those to correct misspellings or incorrect naming must be submitted in writing and provide background detail, the reason for the proposal as well as contact details of the proposer and evidence of support from members of the community.

Noting that commemorative naming will only be considered for deceased individuals, organisations or events that have stood the test of time and have left a significant tangible legacy to the community.

Current place naming proposals

Council is currently seeking feedback on the following naming proposals: 

Recent place naming proposals 

The following roads and places have recently been named by Council: 

  • Stockdale Road, Arthurs Seat 
  • Stringybark Lane, Bittern
  • Cassinia Lane, Capel Sound - – an indigenous ground cover shrub found in the Rosebud area
  • Goodenia Way, Rosebud – an indigenous ground cover shrub found in the Rosebud area
  • Yawa Aquatic Centre – a Bunurong word meaning “Swim”
  • Tillerkite Primary School – a Bunurong word meaning “Play”
  • Worwong Avenue, Somerville - the Bunurong name for the area
  • Beek Beak Reserve – a Bunurong word meaning “Earth”

More information

For further information contact Mornington Peninsula Shire on 1300 850 600 or email