Our Water Future


Water is one of our most precious resources.

Its key to our natural environment and the way we live, work and play on the Peninsula.

The Shire works with community and organisations to collaborate on all aspects of the water cycle. Integrated Water Management (IWM) identifies and leverages opportunities:

  • Creating resilience to the impacts of Climate Change;
  • Preserving the health of our waterways and bays;
  • Supporting liveability by creating healthy, green and cool open spaces via sustainable irrigation;
  • Improving our ability to meet the growing demands on water supply and address water security challenges;
  • Supporting the economy and ensuring Peninsula continues to thrive.

The water cycle includes wastewater management, water supply, stormwater management and water treatment.

Currently we are working on:

  • Updating our Integrated Water Management Plan
  • Creating our approach to Flood Resilience and Integrated Stormwater Management
  • Updating our Wastewater Management Plan. You can see the current Wastewater Management Plan here.