Accessible Recreation

We're working hard to bring you more accessible recreation options on the Peninsula.

Playground communication boards

A series of communication boards for people with alternative or additional communication needs are at these three playgrounds:
  • Civic Reserve, Mornington.
  • Rosebud Foreshore.
  • Pelican Park, Hastings.
  • George Bishop Reserve, Dromana.
The communication boards display symbols and Auslan alphabet signs so people can gesture, point to, or scan through the symbols to communicate. They give all children and adults who visit our playgrounds a new avenue to connect with each other.

You can download and print a copy of the boards to use at home or on the move around the playgrounds:

For more information on how the boards can be beneficial for everyone please check out this handy video by local speech pathologist Carmen Roche who co-designed the boards:

This project was developed with our Disability Advisory Committee (DAC) as part of our commitment to improve accessibility and inclusion.

Accessible beaches

Beach matting, as well as all-terrain and beach wheelchairs are available at several locations across the Mornington Peninsula.

Beach Matting Locations

Mount Martha beach - Mount Martha Lifesaving Club – available 24/7 from November to April

Mothers beach, Mornington - Beach matting trial – available 24/7 until April 2022

Rosebud beach – next to the Jetty Beach matting trial – available 24/7 until April 2022

Rye front beach – next to the pier - Beach matting trial – available 24/7 until April 2022

Sorrento front beach – next to The Baths restaurant - Beach matting trial – available 24/7 until April 2022


If you have any feedback about beach matting at these locations, please complete our short survey:

Beach Matting Trial | Shape our Future (Logged in) (


All-terrain and beach wheelchairs

Mount Martha Lifesaving Club - Two MobiChairs available for use between the flags during patrol (weekends 12-5pm).  

Point Leo Surf Life-Saving Club - a Sandcruiser beach wheelchair can  be booked for free from the Point Leo Surf Life-Saving Club.


Lord Somers Camp have 3 wheelchairs (1 Hippocampe, 2 All-terrain chairs) which can be booked for free use on Monday to Friday, 7am to 5.30pm. Weekend use by arrangement with the camp operator before pick up.


Coolart Wetlands and Homestead has a Hippocampe chair which can be hired from the Visitor Centre.


Camp Manyung (YMCA), Mt Eliza has on offer 3 Hippocampe chairs for loan to disability agencies on the Mornington Peninsula.


Point NepeanParks Victoria has an All-terrain wheelchair at the Point Nepean Information Centre. Best suited to compact sand, lawns and pathways. 


Liberty Swings

Liberty Swings are swings that people in wheelchairs can use.

Liberty Swings are available at the following locations on the Mornington Peninsula:

  • Hastings Foreshore playground on Marine Parade, Hastings
  • Lawson Park playground on Leon Avenue, Rosebud

You will need a Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK) to use the swings. For information about how to get your own key visit our MLAK webpage online

MLAKs can also be borrowed from:

A key safe box next to the swing at Lawson Park - please contact us for the code

Accessible Events

Often people with disabilities won't go to an event or venue unless they know what to expect in terms of access. Having information on your website - such as site maps, information about parking, toilets, ground surface or Auslan for example - is a great start.

We also strongly recommend you include an optional question about access needs on your event registration form, and if you're not sure how to respond to any requests, you can get in touch with us at for help. 

We've developed a checklist to help you plan a welcoming and inclusive for all. Make sure you consider these things EARLY in the planning stages rather than leaving them to the last minute. Following these steps will actually result in a better experience for EVERYONE.

Download: Inclusive and Accessible Event Checklist.pdf(PDF, 290KB)