Biodiversity Maps Online

Indigenous Plant - Widlflower.jpg

The Shire's Biodiversity Maps are now online and ready for you to explore Peninsula-wide maps of:

  • Bushland and Foreshore Reserves
  • Friends Groups locations
  • Landcare Group boundaries
  • waterways and wetlands
  • recent aerial photography
  • native vegetation types (or Ecological Vegetation Classes)
  • native fauna records from the Shire's Fauna Atlas project

Can I view biodiversity information for my property?

Yes - enter your address into the “Search Address” box within Biodiversity Maps Online to view biodiversity information for your property including:

  • a list of the native vegetation types (EVCs) for your property, both historic and current
  • links to download plant lists and information on each EVC
  • waterways on your property
  • the Landcare Group for your area
  • nearest Bushland Reserves
  • nearest Friends Groups
  • native fauna records for your area

Accessing Biodiversity Maps Online

Biodiversity Maps Online are available in two formats depending on the device you’re viewing them on:

Biodiversity Maps Online for Laptops

Biodiversity Maps Online for Smart Phones/Tablets 

You don’t have to come through this web page each time you want to access Biodiversity Maps Online.  Once you’ve opened the maps in your web browser, you can add the web page to your favourites to access the maps directly from your web browser whenever you like.