Stormwater Quality in-lieu Contribution Scheme

Improving stormwater management in private development

From 1 July 2022, new eligible planning applicants have the following options to meet stormwater management obligations:

  • Continue to meet 100 per cent stormwater treatment compliance on-site OR
  • Pay a voluntary contribution towards our Stormwater Quality in-lieu Scheme. This can be up to 100 per cent in lieu of meeting the remaining on-site compliance.

Melbourne Water's offset scheme is now replaced by the Shire-run scheme. Only development proposals that falls within a Melbourne Water drainage scheme area are subject to Melbourne Water's scheme.

Stormwater quality requirements do not apply to single dwellings or alterations and additions to dwellings.

Why offer stormwater offsets?

A stormwater offset is a financial contribution paid by planning applicants for stormwater management works to be undertaken by the Shire in another location. These works ‘offset’ stormwater impacts not treated within the development.

Benefits include:

  • Simplifying the approval process
  • Flexible options for developers
  • Can be more cost effective compared to on-site works
  • Deliver local community and environmental benefit.

Moving to Shire-run stormwater offsets is:

  • Recommended by the Victorian Stormwater Ministerial Advisory Council
  • Supported by the Victorian Government.

Planning applicants will be able to offset up to 100% of their on-site stormwater requirements. The funds from the offset will deliver large-scale Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) projects.

How will the funds be spent?

Funds collected will go towards construction and maintenance of stormwater treatment assets to manage stormwater that is not treated within private development. This will help improve water quality and protect the health of the receiving waterways and bays on the Peninsula.