About Foreshore Camping

The Mornington Peninsula has some of Victoria’s most beautiful beaches, with white sandy bays, shallow waters for kids, top fishing spots and lots of aquatic activities. Best of all, three of these beaches are renowned in the caravan and camping world for their foreshore camping reserves and a wonderful sense of family and community spirit that goes back more than 70 years.

The Shire manages foreshore camping along the natural foreshore reserves with beach access in Rosebud, Rye and Sorrento. These locations are great for accessing many of the Mornington Peninsula’s recreational activities including swimming, walking, cycling and relaxing.

Campsites are close to all local amenities including local shops, cafes, national parks/reserves, shared bay trails and are just a short drive to the peninsula’s surf beaches and Western Port Bay. These sites offer a wonderful place to enjoy a great holiday experience.

The views of the water just a few metres away at Rosebud, Rye and Sorrento are million dollar – but the camping rates are very reasonable. The facilities are excellent (just bring your own tent or caravan), and right over the road are coastal villages with supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, sports and fishing gear suppliers and more. The reserves are very well managed and maintained by the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, so you’re assured of quality camping. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a campsite?

Bookings are available on our Book a Campsite webpage.

 On this page you can:

  • Apply to join the peak season ballot (bookings for 2–5 weeks). Applications close on the final day of peak season annually.
  • Apply to join the peak season waiting list (Rosebud only, bookings for 6 weeks). Applications close on the final day of peak season annually.
  • Express your interest for a site in Rosebud for the full post peak camping season (Rosebud Section 10–12 only). To qualify for the package price forms must be received prior to 30 June annually. Package prices are available for McCrae and Rosebud only.
  • Sorrento, Rye and McCrae peak waiting lists and post peak EOI (Expression of Interest) are closed to new applications.
  • All bookings of less than 14 nights can be booked online from midday 1 August (or closest business day). Minimum stays may apply.

Can I renew my campsite booking annually?

This depends on the length of your booking. For example:

  • Bookings of 28 nights or more in the pre peak or post peak camping seasons are eligible to renew.
  • Bookings of 6 weeks in the peak season are eligible to renew.
  • Bookings which are eligible for renewing annually are pre-booked by the camping office and held with a $100 booking deposit.

Note: All renewal requests are subject to availability.

How much does it cost to camp?

Information on fees are available via the links below:

All fees and package rates for camping are periodically evaluated and adjusted as part of the annual budget process. This ensures that pricing remains appropriate and reflects any changes in operational costs or service enhancements.

Do I need to purchase a combination of Pre, Peak or Post Peak package(s) to get a discount?

No, booking a combination of packages is not necessary to receive the discounted rate.

Why is there a requirement for caravans situated on camp sites to be parked with their draw bar / hitch facing the road?

This requirement ensures quick and safe evacuation in emergencies and maintains a two-meter separation between sites for safety and accessibility. It aligns with general practices in caravan parks, heightened during Covid for added safety.

Foreshore Campgrounds adhere to caravan park regulations and the Residential Tenancy Regulations 2020. However, exemptions may be granted for specific site conditions, like obstructive trees or the size of caravans and equipment, that make compliance challenging.

Campers facing such issues should contact the Foreshore Camping office at camping@mornpen.vic.gov.au or by phoning 5950 1011 for an exemption.

Can I use shade cloth at my camp site?

It is standard practice for camping sites to use breathable materials only in annex and marquee areas.

Non-breathable materials such as solid tarpaulins and fake grass matting are not permitted, except under tents.

Excessive use of shade cloth / unbreathable material is not permitted.

For further clarification on materials that can be used on site, please contact the office on 5950 1011 or email camping@mornpen.vic.gov.au.

Can I bring potted plants / potted herbs to my campsite?

Yes, but please dispose of them responsibly.

Garden beds are not permitted due to the impact on the environment and to prevent the introduction of foreign vegetation.

Can holes or trenches be dug at my camp site to stabilise my caravan?

No. Use ramps for stabilization. Temporary trenching allowed during storms but must be filled in afterward.

Can I erect gates or fences around my campsite?

No. Play pens are allowed but must be removed when not in use.

How do I access water?

Not all sites have direct access to water. In these instances, hoses can be used temporarily to fill tanks but must be removed afterward.

If I leave my campsite unoccupied overnight or a few days, what should I do with water and power?

Campers are recommended to turn off water and electricity in case of failure or fault which may result in flooding, water wastage or power surges.

How do I manage the discharge and emptying of waste at my camp site?

Use containers for waste discharge at designated dump sites.

Pressurised water systems, washing machines, portable toilets or showers are not permitted at campsites.

What is the speed limit within the foreshore grounds?

The foreshore grounds are a shared space.

To ensure the safety of campers and children, the speed limit is 4 kmph. 

Are motorised scooters allowed in the camping area?

For the safety of campers and children, on site motorised scooters are not permitted however mobility scooters are exempt.  

Are pets allowed in campsites and on foreshore grounds?

Pets are not permitted on foreshore campsites at any time.

Assistance dogs are exempt, please register your dog with the camping office prior to arrival.

Can I be guaranteed the same camp site for future seasons?

There is no guarantee of retaining the same campsite each season.

The Foreshore Camping office reserves the right to move campers to alternate sites without notice. This is a standard procedure to address access and safety issues.

How can I access the rules and regulations prior to the next camping season?

You can access the Conditions of Camping on our Book a Campsite page or by emailing us at camping@mornpen.vic.gov.au.

Do I need to tick a box or sign to confirm I have read and understood the current rules and regulations?

For new online bookings, you must tick the box confirming the conditions of camping have been read and understood.

Renewals are not required to provide a signed copy confirming they understand the conditions of camping. They will confirm agreement of conditions of camping upon payment of their deposit.

Where can I get further information or provide feedback?

The Foreshore Camping team will be available to respond to queries in person (at the onsite foreshore camping office).

Further information can be obtained via email camping@mornpen.vic.gov.au, by phoning 5950 1011 or on our website.