Local Native Plants Guide

Indigenous plants at nursery.jpg
  • Looking to select native plants for your property?
  • Want to know what plants are best suited to your area?
  • Interested in creating a habitat garden?
  • Want to learn more about your local environment?


Choosing local native (indigenous) plants that are suited to your area is a simple way to a low-maintenance garden. Planting local also provides important habitat for native wildlife, and helps maintain the local character of your area.

Use our interactive map below to find a local native plant list for your property:

  • Navigate to your property in the map window and click to select, or 
  • Type your property address in the search bar on the top left corner of the map window, starting with the street number.
  • A window will pop up showing the plant list(s) for your property. Click on the hyperlinked plant list name (e.g. Grassy Woodland Plant list) to download.



For more information on local native plants, visit the Plants of the Peninsula page.

Explore the interactive map on the Biodiversity Maps Online page for more information about the biodiversity near you.