Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme

The Mornington Peninsula is a special and unique place

The Mornington Peninsula is characterised by townships, a substantial and diverse local economy, and areas of national and international conservation significance.

As an area near to, but distinct from, the growing Melbourne metropolitan area, there are ever increasing pressures and demands placed on the Peninsula. For this reason, it is necessary to have clear policy directions for the long-term benefit of both local communities and the wider Melbourne population.

These policy directions are contained in the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme and the Mornington Peninsula Localised Planning Statement (Victorian Government, 2014), which set out the policies and provisions that control land use and development in the Peninsula. The Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme was introduced in May 1999 to replace the former planning scheme of Mornington, of Hastings and of Flinders.

Planning for the Peninsula's Future

Around 161,528 people reside in the Peninsula's major towns, villages and rural districts. By 2036, the resident population is projected to grow to 200,360 according to the Victoria In Future 2019 report.

Managing growth and development to ensure that the significant and unique values of the Peninsula remain protected is a constant challenge for the Shire.

Strategic planning projects analyse current issues and prepare the plans and strategies needed to guide land use and development towards the Shire’s planning objectives.

The Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme is managed and maintained by our Strategic Planning Unit. Changes to the Scheme must go through a planning scheme amendment.

To ensure plans and strategies adopted in the past are still effective in guiding the Peninsula today, the Shire regularly monitors their performance and content.


The four phases of Strategic Planning are: analysis, planning, implementation and monitoring.

On behalf of the community, the Shire also advocates and makes submissions to the Victorian Government and Minister for Planning on various planning issues.

Planning Scheme Review

As a Planning Authority, the Shire is required to formally review its planning scheme every four years - see Planning Scheme Review 2018 and Planning Scheme Review 2023

Incorporated Documents

Mornington Peninsula planning scheme - Incorporated documents

Background Documents

The documents listed below are the background documents as listed in the Schedule to Clause 72.08 (Background Documents). While these documents do not form part of the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme, they may:

  1. Have informed the preparation of, or an amendment to, the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme.
  2. Provide information to explain the context within which a provision has been framed.
  3. Assist the understanding of the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme.

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