Heritage Studies

Every heritage place has a citation or ‘Statement of Significance’ that explains why it is a significant heritage place.

The citations for each heritage place are usually located in the heritage study that led to them being heritage listed. A small number of places do not have entries in a heritage study.

On the Mornington Peninsula there are four separate heritage studies covering the various areas of the Shire prior to the 1994 amalgamation: the former Shires of Flinders, Hastings and Mornington and part of the City of Frankston

Copies of the four studies are available for inspection in any of the Shire's libraries. Alternatively, they are available for download:

If you are seeking information on a particular place, you will need to know which former Shire it was located in. The citation can be found alphabetically by the street address in the relevant study for that area.

If you cannot find a citation for a place, it may be one of a small number of places that do not have a citation in a heritage study. Please contact the Shire's Heritage Planner.

The Council is undertaking a review of its heritage studies, aiming for a single unified study for the Mornington Peninsula. As part of this project the following studies have now been completed and adopted by Council.

Refer to the webpage about the Heritage Study Review.