Skate parks

1. Overview

The Shire is committed to the development of Skate Parks and ramps across the peninsula. We have built skate parks in Mount Eliza, Mornington, Somerville, Hastings, Rosebud, Sorrento, Balnarring and Rye. Two mobile ramps are rotated around smaller townships in the Shire.

2. Balnarring Skate Park

Construction for the new Skate Park located in Civic Court, Balnarring is now completed.

The skate park size is approximately twenty (20) metres by thirty five (35) metres and includes a continuous bowl to depth 2.2m, hard stand concrete and numerous street skate elements.

Playce landscape designers developed the design of the Skate Park with input from the local community.

3. Mount Eliza Skate Park

Skate Park located at Emil Madsen Reserve in Wooralla Drive, Mount Eliza.

The Skate Park, at Emil Madsen Reserve in Wooralla Drive is now completed. Check out the video and review of the skate park on this website

4. Hastings Skate Park (Melways Ref: 154 K11)

Fred Smith Reserve, Foreshore, Marine Parade, Hastings

Built in 2000, the Hastings Skate Park is over 400 square metres of smooth concrete for skaters, scooters and BMX riders. Designed by Convic, the park is made up of a three quarter open mini bowl with spine, banks, ledges, hips and quarter pipes. There is something here for all age groups and abilities.

5. Rosebud Skate Park (Melways Ref: 170 A1)

Rosebud consists of a Plaza Style Park aimed to replicate street style elements. Designed by Convic and the Rosebud Skate Community, the park features different surfaces from buffed concrete to large tiled surfaces. The primary focus is the large variety of ledges and steps.Skaters have open space, different sets of stairs, a banked corner, a variety of gaps and plenty of ledges that will cater for all age groups. This design offers skaters a unique opportunity to experiment and adapt to the skate environment.

6. Rye Skate Park (Melways Ref: 168 D5)

RJ Rowley Reserve, Melbourne Road, Rye.

Rye Skate bowl was designed for skaters and riders alike who love the flow and quick transitions of a bowl. The three metre deep kidney bowl has been designed with a flat bottom and near vert concrete coping. Within the bowl is the first Australian inclusion of the eight metre high Cradle or “Death Star”. This bowl is designed for the young and young at heart. There is something there for every one. Complementing the bowl is a mini bowl situated behind the large bowl.

7. Sorrento Skate Park (Melways Ref: 157 A7)

Beside Sorrento Community Centre in David McFarlan Reserve.

Designed by Convic Inc, the L Shaped park located beside the community centre offers a variety of quarter pipes, a fun box, flat bank, hubba ledge, hand rails and pyramid. The park is designed for beginners to intermediate skaters and riders, and for all age groups.

8. Mornington Skate Park (Melways Ref: 145 G4)

Civic Reserve, off Dunns Road, Mornington.

One the first parks developed by the Shire, the open style park features a range of elements aimed at all abilities and age groups. Park elements include transitional quarter pipes, fun boxes with hubba, pyramid, hand rails and surf wall.

9. Somerville Skate Park

Mornington Peninsula Shire is inviting the local community to share their thoughts and ideas on the elements they would like to see at a brand new Active Recreation Hub in Somerville. 
The Active Recreation Hub for Somerville would consist of approximately 300 square metres of designated BMX, scooter, bike and skate components and could include recreational features such as a multi-use court, parkour equipment and trampolines. 
After undertaking a thorough site selection process, Mornington Peninsula Shire has determined the most suitable location to build the Hub is Fruit Growers Reserve (Edward Street side).
This site is centrally located close to schools, offers good passive surveillance, linkages to public transport and pedestrian connections, access to public toilets, as well as connections with other community facilities and services.

To provided your thoughts click here

10. Crib Point Half Pipe (Melways Ref: 195 A3)

Reserve, Stony Point Rd, near Crib Point Railway Station. 

Crib Point half pipe is the old Mornington Vert ramp. The ramp is metal based ramp just under vert.
Rating: Intermediate to Advanced

11. Mobile Skate Ramps (Western Port & Port Phillip Calendars)

Two Relocatable Half pipes located around the Mornington Peninsula.

The Safety Beach mobile skate ramp is out of action for the next two months due to repairs and maintenance.

The other mobile skate ramp is located at RW Stone Reserve 68 Camp Hill Road SOMERS for the next six weeks.