Construction of Roads & Drains

The Mornington Peninsula Shire Specification for Road and Drainage Works is a large document split into several volumes that will take some time to download in its entirety. The Specification for Road and Drainage Works will be updated from time to time as required, without prior notice.

It will be a contractor’s responsibility to obtain and maintain up to date copies of the specification as the Shire no longer provide copies of the specification with contract documentation.

The Shire will not be responsible for any loss or penalty incurred by any party who has failed to maintain up to date copies of these documents.

This page contains downloadable documents. In order to view PDF documents you will require Adobe Reader. If you are experiencing difficulties downloading these PDF files please contact us on 1300 850 600 or 5950 1000.

Specification Face Sheet(PDF, 33KB)
Section A - General(DOC, 310KB)
Section B - Clearing and Grubbing(PDF, 43KB)
Section C - Earthworks(PDF, 144KB)
Section D - Stormwater Drains and Pits(PDF, 166KB)
Section E - Service Conduits(PDF, 24KB)
Section F - Kerb and Channel Construction(PDF, 101KB)
Section G - Footpath Construction(PDF, 131KB)

Section H - Concrete(PDF, 83KB)
Section I - Agricultural Drains(PDF, 28KB)
Section J - Pavement Construction(PDF, 578KB)
Section K - Nature Strips(PDF, 70KB)
Section L - Sprayed Bitumunious Surfacing(PDF, 272KB)
Section M - Asphalt Surfacing(PDF, 547KB)
Section N - Lime Stabilised Subgrade(PDF, 121KB)

Section O - Landscape Works(PDF, 211KB)
Section P - Summary of Testing Required(PDF, 32KB)
Section Q - In Situ Stabilising of Existing Pavement Materials(PDF, 149KB)
Section R - Environmental Protection(PDF, 469KB)