Street Lighting Requests

1. Reporting Street Lighting Faults

All street lights within public roads are serviced by United Energy and its contractors.

If you wish to report a street light fault or outage in a public road, please contact United Energy using their faults hotline on 132 099 or on their Report a fault page.

Lighting in public places (i.e. reserves, jetties, boat ramps) are owned and maintained by the Shire.

If you wish to report a fault or outage to lighting in a public place, or have any other queries about public lighting, please contact 1300 850 600 or email

2. Requests for Additional Street Lighting

The Shire’s adopted standard for the frequency of street lights is for a light on each alternate power pole. In some circumstances, additional lighting may be required for safety reasons due the spacing of poles, location of trees or other obstructions or for particular intersections where visibility may be of concern.

If you believe additional lighting is required, you can make a request to the Shire and officers will assess your request.

Requests can be made by contacting our Customer Service on 1300 850 600 or 5950 1000 or email and include details of the precise location and circumstances.

3. Complaints about Annoying Street Lighting

In some circumstances, public street lighting may cause a nuisance to particular properties or persons.

Shire officers can assess individual cases which may be resolved by such measures as moving or redirecting the light or installing a shield to the front or rear of the light.

These works are undertaken by Tenix at the cost of the person requesting the service.

Requests to address annoying street lighting can be made by contacting our Customer Service on 1300 850 600 or by email