Arts & Culture Plan

The Shire's Arts and Culture Plan 2020-2024 strongly reflects the voice of our community and sets a vision for encouraging a rich, inclusive and vibrant culture on the Mornington Peninsula. Through this Plan, we will strengthen the capacity of our community and create an environment in which the arts flourish through Council’s involvement, support and investment in places and spaces, cultural activities and arts practice for the next five years.

Our Arts and Culture 2024 articulates the long-term benefits of growing and valuing culture in the Mornington Peninsula. The goals and strategies developed from over 1000 people's feedback aim to build community capacity by enabling people and places to thrive. 

The Plan focuses on valuing our creative industries and cultural economy, access to broader arts and cultural experiences for our whole community and celebrating and enabling arts and culture on the Peninsula.

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For further information contact the Shire’s Arts and Cultural Development team at or phone 5950 1935.

I’m delighted to present to you our new Arts and Culture Plan. It sets out a vision for encouraging a rich, inclusive and vibrant culture on the Mornington Peninsula. Through this Plan, we will strengthen the capacity of our community and create an environment in which the arts flourish.

The importance of this task cannot be overstated. Arts and culture help connect us to each other and expand our understanding of the world around us. Through arts and culture we are brought closer together, regardless of background, income, age or ability. A strong and resilient community is one in which creativity is actively encouraged and supported.

I’m particularly pleased that the Plan includes actions to promote and support our local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s stories, heritage and history, as well as initiatives that advocate for the protection of our natural environment through creative and cultural activities.

I’m also delighted that we will be prioritising the development of a Western Port Sound Shell on the Hastings Foreshore, as well as investigating options for the development of creative precincts and new local history initiatives for the Peninsula.

Arts and culture are a significant contributor to our local economy. More than 923 local businesses and non-profit organisations are active in the creative and cultural industries and engage more than 3.4% of the region’s workforce. As well as serving our residents, they help attract more than 7 million domestic and international visitors to the region each year.

Underpinning all of the actions and goals in this Plan is a fundamental principle: great art and culture should be for everyone. We want to break down existing barriers so that every resident can enjoy the life-affirming experiences that arts and culture can provide. I look forward to working with you to ensure the goals of this Arts and Culture Plan are fully realised.

Councillor Sam Hearn

Mornington Peninsula Shire


We strive to be successful and live fulfilling lives yet should remember that we depend on the environment and culture we live in to feel a sense of community and wellbeing.

Arts and Culture is integral to our lives and our Plan for the Mornington Peninsula is aimed at inclusion, creating opportunity, providing great experiences and enabling innovation in the local arts community. This means backing the ideas of groups and individuals, providing infrastructure and resources and most of all ensuring a wide range of activities for all to enjoy.

Our Plan is based on:

  • Listening to feedback from our community
  • Promoting activities
  • Diversity that enables as many interests as possible to be encouraged
  • Encompassing all creative and cultural areas including performance arts, fine arts and history
  • Ensuring strategies are in place to meet future needs
  • Enhancing economic opportunity for businesses to develop and prosper

The new Arts and Culture Plan outlines a vision for Council's involvement in arts and culture over the next five years. We consulted extensively with our community with over 1000 people contributing feedback. One highlight is the development and delivery of live music and venues across the Peninsula.

Thank you to all those who were part of the consultation process. We hope that we can meet the needs of our community by establishing a successful long-term vision for Arts and Culture on the Mornington Peninsula.

Councillor David Gill

Arts and Culture Advisory Panel

Arts and culture touches everyone. It connects our community and helps build and shape our identity. It is essential to our wellbeing. Participation in cultural life and enjoyment of the arts is a fundamental human need.

So, it is vital that we support and help promote a vibrant culture that unites our community, inspires confidence and expresses our rich heritage and stories.

Our Arts & Culture 2024 is visionary, responsive and aligned with the Council Plan. It has been developed from extensive consultation, community feedback and research conducted over the past year. Community engagement resulted in over 1000 responses with key direction, input and advice from our Arts and Culture Advisory Panel.

The Plan has a strong focus on activities that will spark the community’s enthusiasm and desire to engage fully with the creative and cultural life of this wonderful region. 


John Baker
Chief Executive Officer

Mornington Peninsula Shire