Asset and Amenity Protection Permit

COVID-19 Support – Temporary changes from 1 February 2021:

An Asset and Amenity Protection Permit is only required for the following type of works:

  • Dwellings
  • Demolition
  • Installation of a swimming pool
  • Development within an industrial or commercial zone (i.e. Factory/Warehouse).

It is not required for Alterations/Additions.  

A refundable Bond is required for all works and the amount is determined by the nature, size, and risk of the works to community assets.

Do I need an Asset and Amenity Protection Permit?

It is a requirement of the Shire’s Community Amenity Local Law 2022, Building Sites to obtain an Asset and Amenity Protection permit before building works begin that require a Building Permit, including demolition. For more information on the Shire’s Community Amenity Local Law 2022 or to access a copy, please see Local Law.

Exemptions apply to properties outside the Urban Growth Boundary, however demolition, development within an industrial or commercial zone and installing a swimming pool require a permit regardless of value. To check if your property is within the Urban Growth Boundary and you are required to obtain a permit, please see Is my property within the Urban Growth Boundary?

You will be required to lodge a bond (separate to the application fee) for all works as listed in the table below and a permit will not be issued until the bond is secured. Bond amounts are determined by the nature, size and risk of the works to community assets. If building work is conducted responsibly and does not impact built or natural assets, bonds will be refunded after the final inspection has been completed.

Type of Works Bond Amount
Demolition $1,000
1 Dwelling $1,000
Swimming Pool $1,000
2-10 Dwellings $5,000
10+ Dwellings POA
Industrial/Commercial POA



Why do I need an Asset and Amenity Protection Permit?

The purpose of the permit is to minimise potential damage from building works to assets within the Road Reserve, apply conditions to protect the environment and to ensure that any damage to community assets are repaired to Council standards and paid for by those responsible. Assets within the Road Reserve that can be affected by building work include footpaths, roads, drains and vegetation.

The Authorised Officer will conduct inspections for the duration of the permit to:

  • Confirm the condition of natural and built assets before works begin
  • Monitor compliance with the permit and associated conditions
  • Monitor compliance with the Building and Works Code of Practice
  • Ensure that any damage to Council Assets within the Road Reserve is repaired

Building and Works Code of Practice

It is a requirement of the Shire’s Community Amenity Local Laws 2022, Building Sites for an Asset and Amenity Protection permit holder to comply with any conditions or requirements in the Building and Works Code of Practice. The Building and Works Code of Practice, by reference, forms part of the Shire’s Community Amenity Local Laws 2022 and is an enforceable document. The Code of Practice has been developed to manage the effects of building works within the Shire, support the safety and wellbeing of local communities and protect assets and the environment. To access a copy of the Code of Practice, please see Building and Works Code of Practice(PDF, 77KB) .  

The Code of Practice outlines the minimum requirements for responsible site management, including:

  • Site fencing
  • Stormwater protection
  • Dust
  • Waste management
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Pedestrian and traffic safety




Application Process

Step 1.Submit your Application

Complete and submit your application. The permit holder is responsible for repairing any damage to Council assets that occurs as a result of the building works.

You will be required to provide:

  • Property and contractor details
  • Estimated value of works
  • Period of works
  • Description of works
  • Nominated vehicle access
  • Pay $300 permit fee
  • Lodge your Bond payment

No works can begin, including demolition, excavation and delivery of equipment and materials until a permit has been issued and all conditions have been met. If any works begin before a Permit is issued, enforcement action will be taken.

Apply and Pay Online

Step 2.Preliminary Site Inspection

An Authorised Officer will conduct a preliminary site inspection to capture the existing condition of assets, either when your application is received or when the Shire receives notification from your Private Building Surveyor that they have been engaged for the Building Permit, whichever happens first. You may wish to take photographs of the road reserve before works commence, for your own records.

Step 3.Permit Issued

Once your application has been received the Authorised Officer will issue a Permit (including any special conditions that apply to your site) as soon as possible but depending on the complexity of the application e.g. public safety considerations, it may take up to 10 business days to finalise your application.

Step 4.Compliance with the Building and Works Code of Practice

Authorised Officers will conduct routine and random inspections of the building site to ensure compliance with the Building and Works Code of Practice. If the building site does not comply with the Code of Practice, enforcement action will be taken.

Step 5.Final Inspection and Bond Refund

Please contact the Shire within 7 days of finishing your works to request a final inspection.

How to notify us

To request an inspection, please complete the online form.

Request an Inspection

What happens next

The Authorised Officer will inspect the completed works for:

  • Compliance with the relevant Shire Standard and Permit conditions
  • Reinstatement of the road reserve
  • Any damage to Council assets
  • Any public safety issues created by the works

If there is no damage or obstructions to Council assets, we will return your bond within 28 working days. 

If there is damage or obstructions to Council Assets, we will contact you to do the following:

  • Repair the damage or nominate Council to repair the damage at your expense; and/or
  • Remove obstructions from Council land; and/or
  • Rectify any safety issues

Please note your bond will be refunded upon completion of reinstatement works.