General Planning Enquiry

The Planning Services unit provide advice on planning enquiries to guide landowners on whether a planning permit is required for a particular development on their land.

A property address is required for all enquiries, as planning scheme information is site specific and advice can be provided either verbally or in writing.

If you would like a verbal response, please call the Planning Services team on 5950 1010.

How do I request a Written Response

If you would like a written response to your enquiry please complete the general enquiry form below. Prior to lodging your enquiry, it is advised to investigate the planning controls applicable to your property through planning property reports - 

Follow the prompt on the above website and enter the applicable site address.

If the subject site is covered by an overlay your enquiry should include additional information which directly correlates with the requirements of the overlay, these details can be provided in plan or written format.  

If you are unsure of the specifics of your proposal or the required information, please call Planning Services Team 5950 1010.

What information should I provide with my enquiry ?

In order to get the most accurate advice, it is recommended that you provide the following information:

  • A written statement describing the proposal, this may include land use, buildings and works, vegetation removal where relevant.
  • Reference any known previous planning permits for the site
  • Title, including any restrictive covenants or agreements
  • Relevant plans drawn to scale or with relevant dimensions (site plan, floor plan, elevation plans)

If the above information cannot be provided, a response addressing the specifics of your enquiry may not be able to be provided.


Lodgement of a written General Enquiry

A fee is required for a written response :

  • Written response to a General Enquiry (per property for Residential) $170.00
  • Written response to a General Enquiry (per property for Industrial/Commercial/other) $340.00



Further Information 

For further information or assistance with General Planning Enquiry please contact:

Planning Services Team - 5950 1010 or

Email -