Tree and Vegetation Removal on your property

The Mornington Peninsula is a unique place when it comes to biodiversity – it is home to an incredible range of plants and animals, including species and areas of regional, state, national and international significance. Nearly 700 species of indigenous plants have been recorded, representing almost one fifth of Victoria’s flora. 

Mapping of native vegetation on the peninsula has shown that we are one of the most ecologically diverse local government areas in Victoria, with over 60 vegetation types mapped. This diversity is due to the range of natural environments we have – our coast, creeks, hills and plains provide a variety of habitats for our local native plants and animals to live. 

Do I need a planning permit for tree & vegetation removal ?

Many areas of the Mornington Peninsula are affected by planning controls which may trigger the need for a planning permit before vegetation can be removed, lopped or destroyed. 

 To determine if a planning permit is required for the removal of vegetation from your land:  

  •  contact the Planning Services team on 5950 1010 
  • or view the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme via website

  • For more information about applying for a planning permit, please visit our About Planning section.

Bushfire Protection Exemptions

On 5 August 2020 the Bushfire Protection exemptions changed.  

Previously these exemptions applied to all Victorian land, however now the exemptions only apply to land that is within a designated bushfire prone area. 

If your property is located within a Bushfire Prone Area (BPA), you may benefit from the exemptions in Clause 52.12 - Bushfire Protection: Exemptions.

The online Planning Information map will help identify if your property is in a Bushfire Prone Area.

For a detailed explanation, you can view Clause 52.12 - Bushfire Protection: Exemptions 

If you are proposing to remove vegetation from your property and you would like further details about whether you require planning permission, please contact the Planning Services Team on 5950 1010. 

Revegetation Plant Guides

If you’re thinking about planting on your property, choosing indigenous (local native) plants that are suited to your region of the Mornington Peninsula will help maintain our diverse, natural environment. To help you select indigenous plants that are suitable for your region, the Shire has developed a series of regional revegetation guides.  

The guides are based on seven geographic regions of the peninsula. 

Refer to  revegetation plant guides


For further information or assistance with tree and vegetation removal on your property contact:

Planning Services Team
5950 1010