Road Grading Program

Grading Program 2023 - 2024

Please note: Road grading program is subject to change

Please refer to the Road Grading Areas.

Download: Grading Program by Road 2023-2024(PDF, 966KB)

The Mornington Peninsula Grading Program has been developed to obtain the following efficiencies:

  • The Mornington Peninsula grading program has been split into three grading areas (One area for each grader);
  • The Mornington Peninsula grading program has been designed for a consistent work flow without significant peaks and troughs as experienced in previous grading schedules;
  • Grader operators have been assigned to each grader area to encourage familiarization of the intricacies of each road within their grading area.

Grading Program Details

The Shire's grading program is subject to change. 

  • If grading falls behind schedule due to weather/operational issues, additional grader(s) may be contracted to return the program to schedule.
  • Gravel re-sheeting of roads is managed through a separate program and generally does not occur during routine grading.
  • The grading cycles have been determined by road classification, traffic volumes and knowledge of maintenance issues.
  • Gravel patching of sections occurs at the discretion of grader drivers/inspectors where they believe it is required to maintain the road at intervention levels.
  • Different sections of the same road can be on different cycles (eg. Augusta Street Mt Martha has sections on a 5 week cycle and one section on a 15 week cycle).
  • Unsealed road grading is subject to weather – and as such dates may vary. Grading may not necessarily occur exactly on the specified date in the program.
  • Additional (intervention) grading will only occur once intervention levels are exceeded (see intervention levels below). 
  • The intervention levels have been set after community consultation, comparison with other municipalities and budgetary constraints.
  • The grading program and intervention levels meet the obligations placed on the Shire by the Road Management Act (As per below):

Important: Unsealed roads are subject to constant change and we stress the importance of a drivers duty to drive to the conditions of the road (Road Safety Act 127/86, 17A(1)).