Dust Suppression

Dust Suppression and Our Unsealed Roads

Whilst many of our residents enjoy the ‘country feel’ associated with living on an unsealed road, the prospect of a long hot summer ahead has highlighted one of the downfalls of this lifestyle choice.

In a similar way as lack of rain impacts on our gardens, the lack of rain also impacts on our roads. Water is an essential element of an unsealed road, responsible for binding the particles that hold these roads together. In our current climate, surface moisture quickly evaporates and any remaining moisture is drawn deeper into our thirsty earth. The result is dry dusty roads.

Council is increasingly being asked what can be done about the dust and in response we stress the importance of the need for road users to drive according to the conditions of the road. After all, would you drive 100km/h in a thick fog?

We also stress you consider the residents on these roads and drive at slower speeds and remember: ‘Less speed; less dust”.

Dust Suppression material is applied annually to selected parts of some unsealed roads. View the dust suppression program(PDF, 170KB)

In the summer months, residents can enquire regarding dust suppression for their road. Funding is not available for this. A street group may request and pay for the application of dust suppression, view the Funded Dust Suppressant form. Applications are now closed for 2021. The dust treatment is usually applied in the two weeks prior to Christmas.

You can also view our Frequently asked Questions(PDF, 168KB) for further information.