Unmade Roads Construction

The Unmade Roads Construction Strategy provides a basis for prioritising the construction of unmade roads within the Mornington Peninsula Shire.

There are 1083 unmade roads within the boundaries of the Shire. This equates to a length of 373 kilometres of unmade roads, 165 kilometres of which is within the urban growth boundary. The impact of these roads on the environment, the local economy and the community is significant and given the increase in population and development on the peninsula and the need for more permanent roads and drainage infrastructure has become a high priority.

The document provides a strategic approach to managing the road infrastructure on the Mornington Peninsula. Implementation will enhance the built environment and meet the community’s needs for access, ecological protection, amenity and safety. It will allow forward planning for the construction of unmade local roads, maximise beneficial outcomes in the expenditure of public funds and address the environmental, economic, social and cultural impact of the peninsula’s unmade local road network.

Download our Unmade Roads Construction Strategy below for more details (report is current and a review is currently being undertaken).

For further information relating to the strategy please contact Project Manager, Infrastructure Strategy on 5950 1000.