Person repairing a pothole

Potholes are a problem! Here are a few pothole related facts including some of the issues we’ve been contending with:

  • We manage 1,750km of roads. That’s about the same length as Blairgowrie to Byron Bay!
  • We inspect all our roads, but we also rely on you - our road users - to report potholes so they can be fixed faster
  • During extreme wet weather we can only do temporary repairs. Find out how we do this below in our potholes FAQs
  • We are not alone. This is an issue faced by all local Councils

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Potholes FAQs

What causes a pothole to form?
Potholes are caused by water seeping into the road through a small hole or crack in the asphalt. When cars drive over this area, it causes a pothole to form. Potholes can happen on roads that are in good condition. Its not the impact of the rain on the surface of the road that is of most concern, it’s the impact on the base levels of the road which wear away quickly once the water gets in.

How do I know if the pothole is on a Shire managed road?
Not all roads are maintained by us. It is important you report your concern to the correct authority/organisation.

Visit our VicRoads page to find out more

What steps do we take when a pothole is reported on a Shire managed road?
Reports of potholes are received through our online form, phone calls or emails. These cases are sent to our roads contractor and are prioritised based on the class of road and size of the issue. Customers receive a service request number to follow up the case if required. The team contacts customers who have asked to stay informed to let them know of the timeframe for works and discuss any concerns they may have. We rely on community reporting to be kept in the know alongside our proactive inspection program.

Why do potholes continue to occur in the same spot?
Traffic on wet roads increases the amount of water seeping into minor cracks on the road network, weakening the foundation and creating potholes. Reconstruction works need dry weather to ensure all cracks can be sealed. A lot of the work we do throughout the winter months are interim solutions for the safety of road users until conditions allow for a more permanent fix.

What’s our response rate on average?
We inspect and contact customers within 10 days of a lodged request. Depending on the road class, we complete maintenance works between 1 to 15 days.