Register of Public Roads

The Register of Public Roads Policy provides a framework for making consistent and structured decisions as to whether a road or area of land should be included on the Shire's Register of Public Roads.

Public Roads that are included on the Register will be inspected, maintained and repaired by the Shire in accordance with its Road Management Plan.

The policy also addresses related issues such as:

  • Ancillary areas (usually car parks)
  • Rights of Way
  • Roads on new Subdivisions
  • Roads on Crown land where the Shire is the Committee of Management
  • Body Corporate driveways
  • Pathways
  • Roads where Demarcation may be an issue
  • Private driveways or vehicle crossings
  • Private Street Groups
  • Roads not included on the Register.

Download: Register of Public Roads Policy(PDF, 203KB)
Download: Register of Public Roads Protocol(PDF, 2MB)
Download: Mornington Peninsula Shire Register of Public Roads(PDF, 34MB)