Household rubbish

 If you have moved and do not have a rubbish and/or recycling bin, please call our Customer Service Team on (03) 5950 1000 or 1300 850 600. 

There are three different household rubbish services available:

When is my rubbish bin emptied?

Search for your property on My Neighbourhood or view the bin calendars on the find your bin day page. Rubbish is collected weekly - Monday to Friday – on the same day of the week throughout the entire year. 

When to put your bins out?

Bins should be placed on the nature strip with the wheels facing your property the night before collection day. 

When to bring your bins in?

Bring your bin back in by the end of the day of collection.

What goes in my Garbage Bin?

YES: All household waste that cannot be recycled can go in your household bin.  There is also a opt-in green waste bin service offered by the Shire (for a fee).

NO: Green waste, syringes, medical waste, oil, unwrapped vacuum dust or ashes, paint, chemicals and solvents, timber, building materials, any other liquids.

How can I stop litter from escaping my bin?

Residents can now freely pick up Bin Latches to secure bin lids from any of the Shire offices (Hastings, Mornington or Rosebud). Bin latches are easy to use and install. Bin latches stop rubbish from escaping when accidently tipped over and prevents animals from accessing rubbish. Bin latches auto releases when emptied into the rubbish trucks.

Extra Capacity Bins

The standard household garbage bin is an 80 litre bin with a dark green lid. 

The Shire provides Extra Capacity Garbage, 240 litre Recycling & Green Waste Bins to residential properties (for an additional fee).

 Apply and pay online

If the property is owned by a company and if you are not listed as a director, you must complete a company authority form before placing your order.   

For further information please contact us on 1300 850 600.

Rubbish Disposal at our Resource Recovery Centres or Hoppers

Household rubbish can also be disposed of at our Resource Recovery Centres and Hoppers.  Ratepayers receive three waste vouchers per annum with your rate notice. These vouchers can be used for free green or hard waste disposal. Vouchers can also be used for the disposal of mattresses and tyres.  

What you can dispose of for free (no vouchers or payment needed): 

A number of items that you may think are 'rubbish' can actually be recycled for FREE at the resource recovery centres, these include: E-waste, TVs and computers, steel goods, some white goods (excluding fridges), hot water services, bikes, gas cylinders, paint (up to 100 L per visit), motor oil, fluorescent tubes/light globes (domestic quantities only) and batteries (car, household, mobile phone).

To use these free services and ensure you are not charged, please sort your load so that the gatehouse operator can clearly identify the recyclable / free items from those that incur a charge.

For further information: