Order a new or larger bin

Want an extra recycling or upsized rubbish bin?

Before you start there are a few important things to help you.

  • The Shire provides a standard 80L rubbish bin and 240L recycling bin to all households.
  • If you want an extra bin or a larger bin, a fee applies at the time of ordering. The additional cost is then added to your future annual rates notice.
  • Food and Green waste bins (240L) can be ordered if you live within the urban area of the Peninsula.
  • If you have moved and do not have a rubbish and/or recycling bin, please get in touch.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Customers must be the Owner of the property or have authority to order on the owner's behalf. If the property is company owned, please complete a company authority form.
  2. Council reserves the right to deny delivery if the above is not completed.
  3. Customers can opt-out of the service at any time, however, a refund will not be provided. If you want to opt-out, it's best to opt out in June.
  4. Customers who return a green waste bin are not eligible to apply for another during the next financial year at the same address.
  5. Council reserves the right to not collect a bin if it contains material other than that specified in condition.

To save money, you can also check out the waste and recycling disposal guide. Many items can be recycled for free at our tips and hoppers.

Bin sizes

All households are provided with a standard 80L rubbish bin and 240L recycling bin.

80L rubbish bins are 785 mm high (bin on the left) and 120L rubbish bins are 870 mm high (second bin from the left)

Recycling (blue lid) and Food and Green Waste (light green lid) is only available in a 240L bin.

 Bin sizes WEB-sized.png

Bin fees

Want an extra bin?

You can order additional bins to the standard 80L rubbish bin provided to all households.

  • Extra 80L rubbish: $400 per year
  • Extra 120L rubbish: $600 per year
  • Extra 240L rubbish bin: $1200 per year

What to upsize your rubbish bin?

If you want a bigger rubbish bin you can upgrade your 80L rubbish bin.

  • 120L rubbish bin: $200 per year
  • 240L rubbish bin: $800 per year

Want an extra recycling bin?

An extra 240L recycling bin is a once off cost of $90.

Green waste bin

A 240L Green waste bin costs $150 per year.

Information for renters

If you are renting, please contact your landlord to apply. 



Property owned by a company?

If the property is owned by a company and you are not listed as a director, complete a company authority form before placing your order. 


What happens if I order my bin part of the way through the year?

All annual fees are adjusted at the time of application, proportionate to the time remaining in the financial year. 


Information for schools and early learning centres

From July 1 2022, schools and early learning centres can apply for the food and green waste kerbside service for their educational facility.  This is to enable schools and ELCS to continue their food waste diversion programs and to reduce their food waste to landfill.

To verify organisational approval for the ongoing payment of $150 per annum for this service, please complete the Food and Green Waste Bin Payment Authority Form and this will be forwarded to waste@mornpen.vic.gov.au.  One of the Circular Economy and Waste team members will be in touch to discuss your food waste program with you and talk you through the requirements of using the service.

You will need to know your property number to be able to order a food and green waste bin.  Council property numbers are a matter of public knowledge and can be found on the Landata website. Please follow the link from here. Once on the Landata site, follow these instructions:

  • click on the "Titles & Property certificates".
  • click 'street address'. Enter the details.
  • click next. This will bring up your property details.

Then if you click the 'Municipality" tab it will give you your property number.

Apply for your bin

Step 1.Find your property number

Your property number can be found on your rates or animal notice. What is my property number? 

Step 2.Check your current bin size if you are upgrading

Check what size your current bin is so that you can request the correct size.

Step 3.Complete the online form

Apply now