Local Law Permit Application

Please Note: Our Local Laws may not be the only legislation governing the activity you wish to undertake. In some instances for example, you may require a planning permit or permission from another authority (eg VicRoads).

Apply for a Local Law Permit

Step 1.Check whether there is a specific local law permit that suits your needs

There are a number of reasons you may need to apply for a local law permit. Some of these reasons will have their own specific application form. Please check the list below to make sure you're applying for the right permit. Click on any of the items below to learn how to apply.

If none of these apply to what you are wanting to do, it is likely you'll need a general local law permit.

Step 2.Apply for your local law permit

Apply and pay online

OR download and complete the local law application form(PDF, 72KB) and return it to one of our customer service offices. Please note that fee charged is an application fee and will not be refunded in the circumstance that your application is unsuccessful.

Step 3.Your application will be assessed

Your application will be assessed by one of our Community Safety Officers. This may involve an inspection of your property to assess the suitability of your request and discussing the application with nearby neighbours. You will then be notified of the outcome and, if your application has been successful, you will receive your permit.