Recreational Vehicle Permits

The Shire's Community Amenity Local Law 2022 deems it an offence for a person to ride a recreational vehicle on any land except with a Local Law Permit. A recreational vehicle means a motor vehicle, which may be registered or unregistered, that is being used for recreational purposes. This includes motorbikes, trail bikes, mini bikes, three or four wheeled vehicles and the like. It does not apply to vehicles being used for agricultural purposes. 

Apply for a Recreational Vehicle Permit

Step 1.Make sure your property is eligible

In order for a permit to be issued, a number of requirements must be met:

  • The land is not in a Residential 1 Zone under the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme. You can check what zone your property is Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning Website.
  • The land is not vacant
  • The land size is greater that 10,000m2. You can check your land size on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning Website.
  • The area designated for riding is at least;
    • 100 meters from any neighbouring dwelling or other sensitive use
    • 25 meters from any neighbouring fence line
  • No jumps or ramps have been constructed on the land
  • The designated area for riding is not environmentally sensitive (e.g. Creek lines, remnant native vegetation etc.)
  • Emissions other that noise can be appropriately managed (e.g. dust)
  • Riders are residents of the nominated property
  • The vehicle emits a noise level less than 94dB(a) at one metre to the rear of the exhaust system, where dB(a) is the A-weighted sound pressure level expressed in decibels. Vehicles will be tested to ensure compliance.

For an easier way to tell if your property meets the requirements, fill out our eligibility form below.

Check your eligibility

Step 2.Lodge your application

You can pay and lodge your application online

Apply Online

OR you can download the Recreational Vehicle Application form(PDF, 100KB), fill it out and lodge it with payment. For details on how to lodge and pay, please contact us.

A plan must be submitted with the application, showing the location of where on the property the vehicle/s is proposed to be ridden. The suitability of the proposed land will be considered as part of the application.

Step 3.Your application will be assessed

A Community Safety Officer will assess your application. The assessment of a recreational vehicle permit must take into account a range of considerations.

The main impact in relation to the use of recreational vehicles is the associated noise which may impact on neighbouring properties. Whilst there are mechanical methods for managing noise, buffer distances are the simplest tool available for minimising the impact.

The use of recreational vehicles must be balanced with the uses which occur on adjacent properties. Advertising is required to all surrounding properties which may be affected by the proposal. Weighting will be given to any objections dependant on the level of impact the permitted use would cause.

Step 4.You will be notified of the outcome

You will be advised of the outcome of your application and, if successful, a permit will be issued. If a permit is granted it is likely to include some of the following conditions:

  1. The area designated will be the only permitted area on the nominated property for which the permit will be issued. A plan will be endorsed and form part of the permit.
  2. Any number of bikes owned by the occupiers of the land can be nominated on the permit as long as no more than two bikes are ridden at any one time.
  3. Riding will be limited to no more than three times a week.
  4. No riding on a Sunday.
  5. No riding for longer than a 60 minute session in any 24 hour period.
  6. On nominated days no riding before 10.30 am or after 6.30 pm.
  7. No riding on Total Fire Ban days.
  8. Permits will be valid for a 12 month period. Applicants must re-apply after this.

There may be additional conditions placed on a permit in an attempt to achieve a mediated and negotiated outcome.