Parking a heavy vehicle on private residential land

Apply for approval

Step 1.Review the assessment criteria 

  • Will the parking impact footpaths, pedestrian traffic, vehicular thoroughfare, neighbouring properties or businesses, e.g. noise, air pollution and obstruction.
  • What is the period of time that the oversize vehicle will be onsite and its location on the land?
  • Does the property owner support the application?
  • Does the size, type of vehicle and what it is used for present a risk to the community driving through the streets and the length of travel through those streets?
  • Does the vehicle need to reverse into the property, noise impact of reversing beepers and   warming the vehicle before use?
  • What is the noise and visual impact of the vehicle when stored on the land on neighbours and the street scape? Are items stored in or on the vehicle hazardous?
  • Is there likely to be damage to Council assets?
  • No maintenance of the vehicle may be performed on the land.

Step 2.Ensure you have all the information needed for your application 

  • Payment of fee
  • Tare, length, registration, make/model of vehicle – enclose a photo with a site plan.
  • Duration, arrival and departure times and any other documentation to support your application.

Please note as part of the assessment process, other residents in the area may be contacted.

Step 3.Make your application

Apply online

Or download, print and complete the heavy vehicle application form(PDF, 254KB) and bring it to one of our customer service offices.