Crib Point Township Plan Refresh

What is the project about ?

The Crib Point Township Plan Refresh (the Plan) was adopted by the Planning Services Committee on 4 May 2021.

What is this project about ?


The Plan establishes a long-term vision for the township as a basis for future planning and decision making about the use and development of private and public land. It seeks to provide greater certainty for residents, landowners and stakeholders regarding the future of Crib Point over the next 10-20 years.

The vision for the township seeks to express the particular key values of Crib Point and to provide directions for critical decisions on the level and types of change and the future form and function of the town. This plan therefore provides a framework articulating how the township of Crib Point will develop.

This Plan is a tool to be used by Mornington Peninsula Shire Council to guide future use and development in a co-ordinated and orderly manner. It will assist Council in determining planning permit applications and planning scheme amendment requests, as well as being a reference document that will assist in the planning of future infrastructure and services. The Plan also contains a number of recommendations relating to changes to the planning scheme and further future capital works and planning investigations. 

Crib Point Township Structure Plan FINAL(PDF, 3MB)

Why is this project needed?

The original Crib Point Township Plan, developed between 2009-2011, established a long-term vision and guidance for future development in the township. That plan was prepared following community concerns that out-of-character development was occurring in the township, due to larger lots available for subdivision with limited planning controls to provide development guidance.

As the original Plan is now 10 years old, an update to it was considered necessary. Overall, the vision for the township remains unchanged and the update, called the Crib Point Township Plan Refresh, focused on reviewing the original plan against existing state and local policies, conditions and relevant strategies.



An amendment to the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme will now be initiated to implement the Crib Point Township Plan refresh. Members of the public will have the opportunity to comment on the proposed changes as part of the amendment process likely to commence late 2021.

Once approved by the Minister for Planning, the changes will become part of the Mornington Peninsula’s Planning Scheme which sets out the planning policy and controls against which planning permit applications are assessed. This will ensure future development is in line with the vision of the Crib Point Township Plan refresh.


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