Crib Point Township Plan Refresh

The Crib Point Township Plan was developed in 2009-2011 and provides a long term vision and guidance for future development of the township. As the Township Plan is now 10 years old, an update is considered necessary and a refresh document has been prepared.

Overall, the vision and principles remain the same – Crib Point will continue to have the look, feel and function of a country town on the coast, closely connected with its natural environment, with well treed streets and roads and a mix of old and new dwellings. As the vision remains current, the update focuses on reviewing the plan against existing state and local policies, conditions and relevant strategies.

Feedback received during public exhibition will inform any further changes required to the refresh document prior to its finalisation and consideration for adoption by Council. Following finalisation and should Council adopt the Crib Point Township Plan refresh, a further planning scheme amendment may be required.

Download: DRAFT Crib Point Township Structure Plan refresh

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