Parking Precinct Plans - Hastings, Mornington and Rosebud

On 4 May 2021, the Shire’s Planning Services Committee adopted Parking Precinct Plans for the Peninsula’s three Major Activity Centres – Hastings, Rosebud and Mornington.

You can download a copy of the Plans below.

Download: Mornington Major Activity Centre Parking Precinct Plan(PDF, 10MB)
Download: Rosebud Major Activity Centre Parking Precinct Plan(PDF, 9MB)
Download: Hastings Major Activity Centre Parking Precinct Plan(PDF, 8MB)

About the Parking Precinct Plans

The Parking Precinct Plans provide the strategic framework to manage existing and future car parking supply and demand to support the role and function of each centre over the next 15 years.

These Plans are vital in ensuring that each township continues to thrive as the main centres for economic activity on the Peninsula which service the diverse needs of locals, workers and visitors.

Key recommendations of the Plans include:

  • improving parking restrictions in ‘hot spot’ areas
  • improving traffic management, flow and safety in some areas
  • improving wayfinding signage and information for drivers
  • improving amenity (such as sealing car parking facilities) and pedestrian access
  • improving accessible parking arrangements for persons with limited mobility
  • introducing Smart Parking technology to improve the overall efficiency and experience of parking
  • working with major stakeholders (such as hospitals, schools and major shopping centres) to improve site-specific parking arrangements and compliance
  • amending the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme to reduce statutory parking rates in the commercial core of each centre
  • requiring private developers to accommodate their own parking needs on-site or comprehensively justify any proposed reductions in accordance with the tests in the Planning Scheme

Community involvement

The Plans were developed with input from dedicated Stakeholder Reference Groups from each Major Activity Centre. The Stakeholder Reference Groups comprised representatives of local residents, businesses, schools and hospitals.

We also invited everyone who lives, works or travels to our major townships to provide feedback on the draft Plans before they were finalised and adopted by Council.

You can download a summary of the community feedback, including how this feedback was responded to in the final version of the Plans, here: 

Download: Community feedback and responses(PDF, 113KB)

Implementation of Plans

Amendment C281morn to the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme implemented the recommendation of each Parking Precinct Plan to reduce the statutory car parking rates for land in the core commercial areas of each centre. The amendment was approved by the Minister for Planning on 26 May 2022.

Specifically, Amendment C281morn introduced Clause 45.09 (Parking Overlay) and Schedule 1 to Clause 45.09 (Parking Overlay) to the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme and applied it to land zoned Commercial 1 (C1Z), Industrial 3 (IN3Z) and Mixed Use (MUZ) in the core commercial areas of the Hastings, Mornington, and Rosebud Major Activity Centres. Schedule 1 applies reduced car parking rates (known as “Column B” rates) for these areas whilst retaining standard parking rates (known as “Column A” rates) for residential visitor spaces.

Consistent with the adopted Parking Precinct Plans, Amendment C281morn ensures that:

  • Statutory parking rates and parking provision align with the existing and predicted parking generation rates outlined in the Parking Precinct Plans.
  • Statutory parking rates and parking provision better reflect the context of these Major Activity Centres wherein the likelihood of multi-destination trips, differing peak periods of uses, and opportunities for alternative modes of transport (such as walking, cycling and public transport) collectively reduce demand for car parking.
  • The provision of car parking does not induce demand beyond current and predicted generation levels.
  • Greater clarity and certainty is provided regarding the provision of parking in the commercial core of each centre.

Standard (“Column A”) rates are retained for residential visitor spaces in recognition of the significant levels of tourism visitation experienced within the centres and the associated need to continue catering for this parking demand.

You can read the amendment’s Explanatory Report here.

Council is continuing to progress implementation of the remaining recommendations of each Parking Precinct Plan.